Toyota: Hydrogen Car in 2015

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It emits water. Can be filled up in minutes, if hydrogen fuel is avaliable.


Justice Department Admits It Misled Court About FBI’s Secret Surveillance Program

Gun Carry Laws = More Crime?

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More guns, more crime: New research debunks a central thesis of the gun rights movement

The evidence suggests that right-to-carry laws are associated with an 8 percent increase in the incidence of aggravated assault, according to Donohue. He says this number is likely a floor, and that some statistical methods show an increase of 33 percent in aggravated assaults involving a firearm after the passage of right-to-carry laws.

Brave New Films

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Collector box set available.


Zacarias Moussaoui

Co-conspirator of 9/11 attacks says Saudi prince financed operation
“…he wants to take the stand and explain supposed links between the terrorist plot and Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud.
…The prince financed Moussaoui’s own flight classes, he asserts,“and was doing so knowingly for Osama bin Laden.”

The wheels came off the cover-up of 9/11 back in 2002 with Senator Bob Graham going on national TV and saying that “foreign governments” aided the hijackers. Now we may have some progress in working our way back toward treasonous Americans who aided and abetted the 9/11 plot.

I agree with what Senator Shelby said the degree to which agencies were not communicating was certainly a surprise but also I was surprised at the evidence that there were foreign governments involved in facilitating the activities of at least some of the terrorists in the United States.”
-Senator Bob Graham, PBS Newshour Dec. 11, 2002

#OpKKK: Anonymous hacks KKK websites, Twitter over Ferguson threats


Fascism at the UN:
Cameron Goes to War with Free Speech

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

Claiming 9/11 was orchestrated by Israel, or that the 7/7 London attack was staged, will apparently bring down Western civilization. You can see where this wanker is going with this.

Unbelievable. Enjoy your freedom, and this blog, while it lasts.

This, coming from one of the biggest terrorist organizations on the planet: The UK government.

Listen to him spew the latest nauseating propaganda garbage of the day. Don’t forget your barf bag before listening to this effeminate wanker. Be a man Cameron, and speak the truth!

His solution? More war.

And no Aunt Mildred, we don’t support ISIS or any violence whatsoever here at Tales.

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