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California Prisons


More failed policies turning America into a bankrupt police state…






The children of Chernobyl… forever

These authors will donate the royalties of their works as a contribution to allow the publication of a DvD-book which tells the story of the Chernobyl accident and its consequences. This book, written collectively, will be the basis for aHUMANITARIAN OPERATION for the benefit of children exposed to radiations and living in contaminated areas.We would like you to share our committment by making a DONATION-SUBSCRIPTION to CHERNOBYL FOREVER.”


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Lawrence Lessig: The unstoppable walk to political reform





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How to start your own production company




The story started off weakly.  Essentially we get the true meaning of the term flyover states.  The world lacks the charm, plot and urgency of a Coen brothers slice of Americana.  It seemed all thought out and planned but lacking spontaneity.

Nebraska does, however, pick up about midway through.  This is a grim story, a painful story about the sum of a life and the small, petty lives of average mid-western people.  I’m not sure what to make of it really, and I probably should have seen it in a theater rather than at home on DVD.  It has a big, wide black and white environment and convincing enough performances.  A few miscues with the lighting particularly brought it down a couple of notches in my scale, but overall it was shot well.

I may revisit it someday in the future and try and see what critics have been gushing over.  Perhaps so few serious American films get made at all that their standards tend to accommodate.  Or maybe any film full of elderly actors receives instant award season credibility.

My vote is 3/5, with the possibility of revising upward.



The guidelines clarify that financial institutions may accept accounts from marijuana-related businesses that, in essence, are otherwise on the right side of the law—meaning they adhere to local statutes and Justice Department priorities (like not selling to minors.)

Feds offer banking rules for legal-pot industry
Filmmakers Will Connect with Investors via New Online Film Financing Company Passion First Funding Portal




Working class heroes and what they’ll do to keep their families from disintegrating.

The Full Monty is a British comedy set amidst the economic destruction and high unemployment among the general laboring class.  This is a globalization theme, entire classes betrayed by the corrupt rulers of these modern regimes.  At the heart of the story is a man who owes child support to his ex, and she refuses to allow him to see his children until he pays up.

This deep cut brings the economic calamity into the personal realm.  With the brilliant idea of creating a male dancer Chippendales type show, in order to earn the needed child support cash, he sets out to wrangle his mates into joining him up on stage as male strippers.

This is a funny, topical and heartfelt dramedy that should be pretty timeless moving into the foreseeable future.






The top ten recipients of U.S. foreign assistance this year all practice torture and are responsible for major human rights abuses, according to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other leading human rights organisations.

Financial support for these regimes could stand in violation of existing U.S. law, which requires that little or no aid be provided to a country which “engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including torture.”

report released by the Congressional Research Service lists the following countries as the largest beneficiaries of U.S. government-provided aid planned for 2014:

1. Israel – $3.1bn

2. Afghanistan – $2.2bn

3. Egypt – $1.6bn

4. Pakistan – $1.2bn

5. Nigeria – $693m

6. Jordan – $671m

7. Iraq – $573m

8. Kenya – $564m

9. Tanzania – $553m

10. Uganda -$456m







My take: Wolf: Scorsese’s Best Film?