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Wikileaks published a secret CIA study that makes a liar out of the drone program’s defenders (including Obama). CIA, in secret, sounds a lot like Robert Greenwald!

The 2009 CIA study lends support to critics of US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen by warning that such operations “may increase support for the insurgents, particularly if these strikes enhance insurgent leaders’ lore, if non-combatants are killed in the attacks, if legitimate or semi-legitimate politicians aligned with the insurgents are targeted, or if the government is already seen as overly repressive or violent”.

Drone strikes counterproductive, says secret CIA report


Civil rights marchers in Washington DC set to protest against police killings

Killed By Police Database

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Over 1,000 Americans have been killed by police so far in 2014. How does that jibe with your local news reports?

Killed by Police


An ‘Entertaining’ Lesson on How Cops Can ‘Win the Media’ After They Kill



Civil Rights and the Militarization of Police: Lessons from the Gestapo, America’s Path to Tyranny

#OpKKK: Anonymous hacks KKK websites, Twitter over Ferguson threats