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Does Hollywood sell harmless Californication, or something much more sinister?

Best part, from a Vanity Fair quote:

It’s known that the Armed Forces objected to 13 Days, which was about the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis, and withheld cooperation. They were incensed by the depiction of the late General Curtis LeMay, who clashed with President John F. Kennedy and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, feeling they were too “soft.” LeMay later described the incident, which Kennedy’s deft handling of probably prevented the deaths of millions, as “the greatest defeat in our history.”

13 Days is an excellent film that I haven’t reviewed here. It should be required viewing.

And shit, my novel HELL OF A DEAL takes on these topics in a frontal assault.



Abby Martin has been on a rampage lately. Good.


The Nazi-style Big Lies emanating from the pariah state, through its supporters in the media and on the internet, is some of the most shameful, despicable noise of the modern age.

Israel wants to sell you genocide to keep raking in more than $3 Bn of US tax money every year. It wants diplomatic protection from prosecution at the UN for violating dozens of resolutions and demands to stop stealing Palestinian land and resources and murdering the helpless population.

They trot out every lie in the book, and provide no evidence for their outrageous claims.