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The Exit Room (short)

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The mob are the valiant “democracy activists,” seen here violently destroying democracy in Ukraine…


These are Obama/Kerry/Nuland and the EU’s golden boys who can do no wrong.  Nazis are alive and well in Ukraine.  America — this is your tax money at work.


NATO’s Pet Nazis Savage Ukrainian Presidential Candidate

Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev was savagely beaten outside a TV studio after an interview for the Ukrainian talk show, ‘Svoboda Slova.’ The studio was apparently surrounded by armed men in masks earlier, preventing Tsarev from leaving after the interview. When he did finally emerge, masked men with Svoboda Neo-Nazi “Wolfsangel” armbands began throwing objects at, choking, and physically beating Tsarev.

Dramatic video of the confrontation was captured, and exposes the successors of the “Euromaidan” protests as not a “pro-democracy” movement, but a mob using violence and intimidation to disrupt and destroy all political opposition to their agenda.

In an earlier report titled, “ Ukraine: The Anti-Maidan Begins,” the various components of the “Euromaidan” protests were broken down illustrating how violent Neo-Nazi fanatics and ideologues were the rule, rather than the exception in Kiev before the violent overthrow of the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. The mobs that attacked Tsarev outside the studio he had given an interview in, appear to have ties to Svoboda’s street front, one of the central political parties that led the “Euromadian,” and a party that now enjoys three top ministry positions within the newly installed Kiev regime.

I’m so glad our State Department is hard at work around the world making friends like these.  Nazis resurgent in Europe, Al Qaeda resurgent in Syria and Libya — what a fantastic “vision” these people have.

logo-card continues to organize to keep the government from devolving into… well, it may be a little late.



California Prisons


More failed policies turning America into a bankrupt police state…






Classic Colbert.  Enjoy the police state.




Exposing the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie.





High School in the police state resembles prison more every day.  Here students are treated as sheep after a fellow student has committed suicide, and the school refuses to grant a moment of silence to the students.

The prancing martinet principal orders a boy arrested for daring to interrupt his speech.  Why are these fascist clowns allowed to bully the nation’s children?   We have become a nation of prison guards and drones who take orders from incompetent meat heads.

Leave your Constitutional rights at the prison gate.


Today in school us students made a protest for a kid that committed suicide. The school refused to give a moment of silence over the announcements or even mention his name. We asked several times over the course of two days and still nothing was said about the kid. The bald buy says “I’m disappointed” and a kid in the crowd replies “We are disappointed in you too” This kid later gets arrested. Completely ridiculous.









I probably shouldn’t publicize this and keep it amongst those who know.  New anamorphic adapters are giving us cinema quality widescreen at bargain basement prices ($799 plus your lenses).


Iran's Nuclear Ambitions: Options for the West


For ignorant Americans…



Kid Snippets (short)

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Whole bunch more on Youtube.