Nuclear weapons susceptible to accidental detonation, disappearances…

‘Command and Control’ Exclusive Clip


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Governor Of Maine Says People Of Color Are ‘The Enemy,’ Implies They Should Be Shot

ISIS Mass Graves

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72 ISIS mass graves containing up to 15,000 discovered in Iraq & Syria


The agency says it has pinpointed the exact location of 72 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) mass graves – 17 of those in Syria, the rest in Iraq – which contain anything from at least 5,200 to over 15,000 victims.



David Swanson takes on the latest Hollywood tone-deaf exploitation of life and death issues…

Arms Dealing Is Subject of Hollywood Comedy

And it’s true that the (based on a true) story depicted in the film ends up in disaster. But we never see the slightest hint at how arming people to commit mass murder might harm anyone, any more than Wall Street crime movies introduce you to people made homeless by Wall Street scams. The moral lesson of War Dogs seems to be: Abide by proper bureaucratic procedures, buy the instruments of death from approved nations, maintain propriety and transparency in death dealing, and you’ll get only slightly less stinking rich than these clowns did.

JASTA: Washington Blocking 9/11 Lawsuit

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“Shockingly, the president, State Department, and various members of the U.S. Congress choose to protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, rather than the rights of U.S. citizens and 9/11 family members.”
-Kristen Breitweiser

Washington Continues To Ignore 9/11 Families





The Dumbed-Down New York Times