Blue Ruin – My Review

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I tend to despise revenge films. This one is different enough to avoid pissing me off. Far from the glorious white male killer, this guy is as inept as Clouseau. He’s so incompetent, in fact, that his over the top haplessness may annoy audences.

This tiny US film surpised them at Cannes. Filmed by unknowns, it’s the American Dream story, suddenly striking fame and glory. An unexpected indie hit, they took a simple genre story and gave it that added dimension to twist it into something special.


Blue Ruin concerns a wrecked drifter whose parents had been murdered. The alleged murderer is released from prison, and a decision is made to hunt him down. With family ties and a family feud situation, the stakes are raised. Innocent lives hang in the balance, as the two clans declare war on each other.

For an extremely low-budget effort, this was beautifully shot…

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Like Father, Like Son – My Review

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Another Cannes selection, like Blue Ruin, all the good stuff seems to come out of there these days. This is a very Japanese story: a patriarchal, conformist, conservative businessman butts up against a system failure that he never could have anticipated. Two babies were switched at birth, and now these two affected families have to reconcile genetics vs. upbringing.

This is a unique situation, and it is perfectly explored in the contexts of class dstinctions, family values and work ethics. The two families couldn’t be more different, and yet their sons have bridged the worlds seamlessly. Well, almost seamlessly, and that’s the point.

like father like son12

News doesn’t arrive until the boys have lived five years in the wrong households. With five years of love and caring suddenly called into question, the value of genetic bonds is presented. Also relevant is the idea of parental expectation, and disappointment from generation to generation…

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You boys done lost the Civil War, oh, long about a hunderd fifty years gone now. 150, and you still cling to that damned seditious rag like ants on an ice cream cone that hit the dirt and melts into the soil, slowly turning to a sticky, filthy mush.

You know a lot a shit transpired over that century and a half, a lot indeed. Science done figgered out that them “darkies” is just as smart as you and yours, more so if you neglect your own intellectual development. And who’s fault is that? Surely not the Mexicans, the blacks or the Lithuanians. God them Lithuanians are takin’ over everything. Where was I?

Oh yeah: inbreeding. Perhaps not the literal kind, but the intellectual, stunted inbreeding of those who cling to antiquated, outdated and frankly immoral concepts of racial superiority, these are an embarrassment to the nation, frankly. Not much different than radical Islamic ISIS types: they just have different irrational biases. That’s all. Swap one set of crazy beliefs for another, add violence, stir.

And this stirring has got to stop. Take a look at what you’re trying to get the rest of us to accept. More Americans died in that not so Civil War than in any other conflict, including WW2. It’s 2015, and your 16th century paradigm just doesn’t fly anymore. Slavery bit the dust, as well it should. No amount of ugly–and it is fucking butt ugly–ranting and raving about the Confederacy is going to change that. Move on, Bubba, Jethro, whatever the fuck you call yourself. There’s a new world to study and to understand. We ain’t gonna rehash the one from 150 years ago. That’s just too stupid to even argue about.

The world changed, and you need to change with it.



I never analyzed this scene in such depth, counting shots and all. It is my favorite film though. I think the announcer guy reads into it in one place that is unwarranted.


Al Nusrah Front: Right for Ameirca? Right for Liberty?
Right wing psychopaths should be deported to Syria.

Insane neocons? Is there any other kind?
Neocons Urge Embrace of Al Qaeda

While these treasonous scum are the ilk that allowed 9/11 to occur, just to benefit globally and double the military budget, they are now openly reversing course and trying to sell Al Qaeda as an acceptable alternative to ISIS.

Orwell chortles.


In one of the greatest betrayals of public health in the country’s history, the EPA has stalled for years to study the effects of the herbicide. Roundup is in wide use and polluting the environment and its inhabitants across the country, with next to zero oversight.  It’s the corruption, stupid.

After 8 Years of Delay, EPA Finally Agrees to Test Dangers of Monsanto’s Favorite Pesticide

“With more than 300 million pounds of this stuff being dumped on our landscape each year, it’s hard to even fathom the damage it’s doing.”