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American Horror Story Hotel – My Review

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J. Giambrone


It’s a strange show, and you have to appreciate the scale and scope. No one else is doing what they do, but we do have a situation where they’ve already done it before. And so we get more filler as time goes by, more melodrama. Even the shock factor is somewhat dulled through repetition.

Can’t blame the show for my own desensitization, can I? The style may have something to do with it.

maxresdefault.jpgFirst the good: Lady Gaga provided an interesting new addition, and an excuse to go all out with fashion and glitz. The sets are also near miraculous achievements, all constructed to make the hotel itself the main character. Liz Taylor provided a different type of lead, in various episodes. It was also fun to have vampires running amok once again.

Another intriguing success was Devil’s Night, which I won’t spoil. They do try to balance the…

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Hillary’s War Crime — Paul Craig Roberts





Hyperpartisan Facebook Pages Are Publishing False And Misleading Information At An Alarming Rate



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Clinton to Pillage Social Security

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Deal with the devils.

New boondoggle for Wall Street to get its hands on billions of your money and undermine Social Security:


Hillary Clinton And Wall Street: Financial Industry May Control Retirement Savings In A Clinton Administration




Americans are so dumb and brainwashed, this is the gibberish you have to get through–

Rolling Stone website:

Really? No one wants WWIII but if Stein is willing to let Putin annex more countries because she doesn’t want to be a world policer than Putin will start annexing more countries.

Reality Check

That is complete brainwashed bullshit, and I can’t even believe I have to respond to it.

The USA sponsored an illegal coup in Ukraine and overthrew the legitimately elected government there, throwing the country into complete turmoil when neo-nazis seized power. Neocon ghoul Victoria Nuland – from Clinton’s State Department – is seen in photos with the fascists and was exposed as involved in the coup. The neo-nazis then demonized Russian speaking Ukrainians as their first act, making it illegal to speak Russian in the parliament. The country flared up into civil war. Thanks, Obama.

The Russians have a naval base in Crimea, since forever. The people there are all connected to the base and consider themselves Russian. They seceded in a vote of over 95% in favor of leaving the new Nazi stronghold. This is reported by idiots in the US as “annexing countries.” It’s quite a different story if you care to learn how to read.

Syria has been invaded by foreign sponsored radical Jihadists. Arms and money flowed from the US’s so-called “allies” including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

That is a war crime and breach of the UN Charter, and has led us to the brink of WW3. The US violates the laws enacted to stop another World War, with impunity.

Russia has a naval base in Syria too. See the pattern yet? They were invited by the actual government of Syria to help defend the country from the foreign bankrolled and armed insurgency, the illegitimate proxy armies that chop off heads and brag about it.

That’s square one for a serious discussion about US / Russian relations today.