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Democrats are the biggest liars, frauds and hypocrites in the nation, only because they’re a bit smarter than Republicans–who wish they could lie and cheat as competently.


Stanford: Election Fraud Confirmed

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110 things I’ve learned in 10 years as a DP



“Seat fillers” paid to pretend to like Shillary. White noise machines. Stealing Sanders’ people seats.





I already responded:

John Oliver Attacks Third Parties

But there’s more I could say…

According to Reuters, the Pentagon has spent 8.5 trillion dollars since 1996, without ever completing a required annual audit.”

What’s that?


Unaccounted for in the Pentagon, a perpetual, intractable problem that happens to be: BUSINESS AS USUAL.

The entire student debt of the United States is only $1.3 trillion, for comparison sake.

And corporate America demands you continue business as usual, while Green Party candidate–who can’t even get on a comedy interview segment–wants to reprioritize us away from a brutal murderous empire to something more sustainable and educated.