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Sophie Scholl DVD
DVD: Sophie Scholl – The Final Days
Sophie Scholl – The Final Days [Blu-ray]

The White Rose Society were college students in Munich in 1942-43. They covertly printed a series of leaflets that opposed Hitler, in an effort to wake up their fellow students. For this they were arrested by the Gestapo and tried for treason.

“Isn’t it true that every honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who among us can imagine the degree of shame that will come upon us and our children when the veil falls from our faces and the awful crimes that infinitely exceed any human measure are exposed to the light of day?” –White Rose Society, Leaflet 1

I will post a series on “Standing Up To Fascism,” as this is highly relevant to today and should remain so indefinitely.

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Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (German)


DVD: Aguirre, the Wrath of God

Don Lope de Aguirre (Klaus Kinski) is a conquistador in the 1560s. As a member of Pizarro’s team, he is sent on ahead with a group of soldiers, monks, slaves and two women.

The Indians have told the Spaniards a tall tale about a land of gold called El Dorado. Just follow the river. Have fun.

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Get the DVD: Bob Roberts

“And they complain and complain and complain and complain and complain.” –Bob

Bob Roberts is one of the most hard-hitting, smart, and funny political satires ever produced in the U.S. This is a “mockumentary” supposedly produced by a British team assigned to cover the senatorial campaign of Bob Roberts.

Roberts (Tim Robbins) is running to be senator of Pennsylvania, and he is up against Gore Vidal’s incumbent character, a tired, worn-out pragmatist.

As a mockumentary, everything plays as in real time, and the camera runs on, much as This Is Spinal Tap (Special Edition DVD) purported to do previously. Both films are great, and they grab the viewer and never let go.

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Posted: May 26, 2009 in John Scagliotti

“Vermont’s GLBT Liberation Short Films Fest”

by John Scagliotti

Center For Independent Documentary


Kopkind/CID Retreat

Invitation to filmmakers:
We are pleased to announce a call to independent documentary filmmakers who would like to participate in a weeklong seminar and retreat in southern Vermont.

Event Info
Sunday August 2nd-August 9th, 2009

Tree Frog Farm, Guilford Vermont

The Center for Independent Documentary (CID) and the Kopkind Center are sponsoring this week-long retreat limited to nine filmmakers along with special invited guests at Treefrog Farm in Guilford Vermont from August 2nd (Sunday is the travel day) to Sunday, August 9th. The theme for the morning seminars is:

Brainstorming to a new future in independent filmmaking

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Get: Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

Thank Robert Greenwald for pursuing these stories. Greenwald has a long list of insightful documentaries including:

Unprecedented – The 2000 Presidential Election

Uncovered – The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

Unconstitutional – The War On Our Civil Liberties

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

The Real McCain

In Iraq For Sale, the audience learns that the mercenaries, the profiteers and the torturers are immune from prosecution. They can murder, steal, rape and pillage abroad while their companies fleece the American taxpayers at home. This film should make any American mad as hell and not willing to take it any longer.

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Brazil (1985)

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Get DVD: Brazil

Terry Gilliam’s wild ride makes waking up to fascism fun.

Yes, even mid-level bureaucrat/technocrats like Sam Lowry have dreams. They dream of love and heroism. But why is that love always stolen away?

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