Brazil (1985)

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Joe Giambrone
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Get DVD: Brazil

Terry Gilliam’s wild ride makes waking up to fascism fun.

Yes, even mid-level bureaucrat/technocrats like Sam Lowry have dreams. They dream of love and heroism. But why is that love always stolen away?

“Brazil” is a lot more like England under a corrupt and ruthless police state (somewhat like it’s becoming today). Torture is job one. And you shouldn’t hold out too long or you might jeopardize your credit rating.

I get lost in all the fantasy, especially at the end of the film. It eventually becomes frustrating. At times I felt the people responsible were just plain mean. They get your hopes up, just to strike them down, over and over again.

Which is sort of like real-world fascism. Sort of like the fake democracy we suffer under here. Every four years they try and get your hopes up, sloganeering about, oh, I don’t know, “hope” and “change.” Unfortunately, nothing of the sort is in the cards. You can hope all you want, humming the tune to “Brazil” as you do. Nothing truly important is going to change.

Yes Brazil is a tragedy wrapped in hopes and dreams, love and freedom. It’s hard to center on just one emotion because Gilliam stirs the pot up so aggressively. It’s not a happy film, but it’s worth another look.

  1. […] me try watching it without watching the clock. On the other hand, Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece, Brazil, has become required viewing on an annual basis. ” -David […]

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