Stealing America: Vote by Vote (2008) (free online)

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Joe Giambrone
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Stealing America: Vote by Vote


“It wasn’t just in one state or one city or one location. It was a national phenomenon. In state after state exit polls showed a totally different outcome than vote counts. It’s such an enormous disparity between exit polls, which have always been reliable, and vote count.” –Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant Treasury Secretary

Film Online

This film is a must-see for all Americans. Both the 2004 and 2000 presidential elections were stolen. George W. Bush was an illegitimate president never elected by “the will of the people.”

Now, because Barack Obama apparently won by a wide margin without theft, this issue has been shoved aside. This is a mistake, and this issue should not be forgotten.

The voting machines are an inherently flawed concept. They are not auditable, and they use secretive “proprietary” code to count (or miscount) the votes. Privatized voting machine companies are inherently untrustworthy, and this is demonstrated repeatedly.

Polling stations in poor communities have also been rigged to be as inefficient as possible. The lines outside of certain precincts require the voter to literally wait up to “12 hours” to simply cast a ballot. This is voter harassment, and deliberately frustrates certain voters located in certain precincts. Other precincts had no such issues.

Documentaries like this one are crucial in the modern age, where people get most of their information visually. It chronicles the problem and establishes sources (news reports, on the record interviews), so that this problem cannot be denied. It cannot be wished away. Nefarious forces want to subvert the voting process, and they have been highly successful.

“I pushed my vote for John Kerry. Immediately the vote jumps up and lights up the name of George Bush. Well I screamed.” –Jeanne White Smith

As citizens we must respond.

The corporate news lied to the American people that there were “no reports” of problems with the voting machines. Thefts of entire swing states is quite a problem. The news is not to be trusted, not on the vote theft issue. Not on any issue.

  1. ccaffrey says:

    What the hell is the clip above? It shows something called Unzip X?

  2. Editor says:

    The “Film Online” link still works fine.

    I did see WordPress put an advertisement at the bottom of the post, which I’ll try and investigate, but it wasn’t for “Unzip X.” So, not sure what you’re seeing.

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