Tortured Logic (2009) (Short)

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Joe Giambrone
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Tortured Logic: A project of the ACLU

Tortured Logic: A Project of the ACLU

This short film features Oliver Stone and other celebrities weighing in on the Bush administration’s “torture memos.” This is an action alert of the American Civil Liberties Union, and a web page makes sending a message to Attorney General Eric Holder easy and convenient.

These memos were written by Bush white house lawyers, particularly John Yoo and David Addngton. They display a clear intent to break the law and an insane attempt to redefine torture as non-torture. These are grave crimes and must be addressed by the current president and his Attorney General, or else the rule of law can simply not continue.

People who are tortured will give “testimony” to anything their torturers demand of them. This is incompatible with a free and democratic society, and is expressly forbidden right in the US Constitution (“cruel and unusual punishment”).

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  2. Just one branch of 20th century “Torturers R Us Inc” that has been revealed over time – In Europe the invading Nazi Empire used the Gestapo to extradite terrorists/”enemies of the Reich”/State from all over… INTERPOL/NATO continued this model after the war eg through 1950/60’s against Portuguese & Spanish anti-fascists until ye olde Tyrants were pushed out in Portugal & Franco finally carked it….

    …meanwhile the butcher of Lyon Klaus Barbie as a good anti-commie was allowed passage to South America where for 40 years he carried out many more atrocities . In Peru he updated local thugs with his Gestapo torture technics – “waterboarding 101” & he organised CIA crew who hunted down and killed Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967…

    Yet the process of getting him back to France to go on trial took decades…1980’s…odd that ?

    Not really Barbie’s mates of the Vichy-Petain regime loyalists were waiting to comfortably retire and not be disturbed and exposed as collaborators.

    Some films have looked at this

    My Enemies Enemy 2007 director Kevin McDonald

    Hotel Terminus 267 mins 1988 & The Sorrow & the Pity 4 hours long 1969 director Marcel Ophuls (aka the French Michael Moore ie he dissects Capitalism and thus infuriates the Right)

    Special Section 118 mins 1975 Costa Gavras

    also see

    The laughing policeman globalised

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