Sleep Dealer (2008)

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Joe Giambrone
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Sleep Dealer
DVD: Sleep Dealer
Blu-ray: Sleep Dealer

Independent Sci-Fi is where it’s at.

Are “CyberBraceros” the future? Or are they another really good metaphor for globalization?

Sleep Dealer came into existence as a result of a huge effort by its writer/director Alex Rivera, who also workshopped it at the Sundance Institute.

Sleep Dealer attacks current issues with future scenarios. Privatized water supplies, forced migration to the cities, working in dangerous conditions and at pittance wages, all the themes are current and relevant to the lives of billions.

Shown from the perspective of the global south, the drone warfare, corporatized control of natural resources and dehumanizing sweatshops resonate loud and clear. Definitely check out Sleep Dealer.

  1. […] interesting sci-fi, and this time it’s kid friendly. With District 9 and Sleep Dealer, we’ve had some pretty decent sci-fi […]

  2. Jesco says:

    Not a perfect film, but lots of interesting ideas. The best work of Mexican Sci Fi film I’ve seen all week.

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