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We need funding to help finish this documentary and take it theatrical. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and donating has perks (see below).

[Editor’s Note:
I was going to post a link to the film’s trailer, but all versions of the trailers are completely deceptive. They paint a real problem, but they fail to disclose their ridiculous agenda of pinning all the blame for the financial industry meltdown on:

“The people who were the ’60s hippies. The people at Woodstock in the ’60s who became the yuppies of the ’80s really the barons of the 2000s and really are the leaders around the country that helped cause this.”
-Dave Bossie, executive producer and the president of Citizens United Productions

Mr. Bossie has a bright future with Ringling Brothers. He’s a world-class clown.

You can read more from the geniuses behind this idiocy at your favorite fascist “news” broadcast, Hannity.”

Generation Zero:” a Weak Brew
Teabagger Cinema


Dredging up tired old myths about America while concocting misleading new ones, the documentary Generation Zero assembles a host of valid gripes currently troubling the nation, but is more than careful to detour around any proposed remedies anchored in reality. In other words, all dressed up in undercover Republican in rebel’s clothing, and with basically nowhere new to go.

Written and directed by reactionary Reagan partisan propagandist Stephen K. Bannon (In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed, and Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration) the inaugural Tea Party cinema documentary Generation Zero boasts an exceedingly odd couple combo of assorted right wing egghead think tank rhetoric talking heads and angry white middle class rants. And all wrapped up in highly sophisticated production values fueling alarmist high speed imagery, and topped off with a musical score seemingly gleaned from really scary slasher movies.

Invoking intimidating biblical scriptures that are fused visually with looming tornadoes, rotting fruit, paper money on fire, and a man versus lion beatdown, Generation Zero gets down to business on fast forward by blaming the current economic crisis retroactively on Lucifer, Woodstock, Dems, post-hippie yuppies lighting up cigars with burning Ben Franklins, Hollywood, Black Panthers, anti-war protesters and disrespectful post-WWII youth. Which might leave the marginalized left in this country scratching their collective heads while caught between pondering these neo-McCarthyite attacks, and shock that they seem to wield such enormous power over the course of history.

Prairie Miller is a WBAI film critic, host and the executive producer of The WBAI Arts Magazine.

The Arts Magazine can be heard live on Tuesdays, 2pm – 3pm eastern time (11am-12pm PST). WBAI streams live over the web here.

WBAI is, of course, part of the Pacifica listener-sponsored network. The Los Angeles station is KPFK, and the San Francisco affiliate is KPFA.

Prairie recommends The James Agee Cinema Circle []. Says she, “A number of our members are children of the Blacklist and the Hollywood Ten, and we also share sister organization membership with The Women Film Critics Circle [], if any of your female writers would like to join us there.”

Her article, “Generation Zero: a Weak Brew, Teabagger Cinema,” can be read here.

Youtube version has been truncated.

“Logorama is a work of art and a parody.
Best regards,”
-Elsa Chevallier

The legal questions behind an Oscar winning Short


This brilliant look at the world from an “over-marketed” perspective just won the Academy Award for animated short, 2009. In Logorama, nearly everything is constructed from corporate brand images, much as the real world is steadily evolving toward.

WEEDS (2005 – ?)

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season 1

DVD: Weeds – Season One

The tribulations of Nancy Botwin, the MILF Weed, Agrestic CA, and the Mexican Mafia — Showtime’s Weeds is a different kind of television. Very naughty, and not for kids.

For five years now Nancy Botwin has lived outside the law. After the death of her husband, Nancy decided to sell pot in order to retain her house and her accustomed standard of living in the upscale “ticky tacky” neighborhood of Agrestic.

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