WEEDS (2005 – ?)

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Joe Giambrone
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season 1

DVD: Weeds – Season One

The tribulations of Nancy Botwin, the MILF Weed, Agrestic CA, and the Mexican Mafia — Showtime’s Weeds is a different kind of television. Very naughty, and not for kids.

For five years now Nancy Botwin has lived outside the law. After the death of her husband, Nancy decided to sell pot in order to retain her house and her accustomed standard of living in the upscale “ticky tacky” neighborhood of Agrestic.

season 2
DVD: Weeds – Season Two

Weeds brings the US “war on drugs” into living rooms viscerally and more directly than any number of newscasts can possibly do. They go where other shows fear to tread, and they do it consistently.

season 3
Weeds – Season Three [Blu-ray]

The drug war itself is the topic of the show, always simmering in the background and ready to bust through the front door, guns blazing, at any moment. Nancy isn’t a bad person by the standards of the other players she’s in competition with and/or working for. It’s a fascinating study of a crime family that with each season and each new twist gets deeper and deeper into the quicksand that is the illicit drug trade.

season 4
Weeds: Season Four [Blu-ray]

Often comical, the cast of misfits carries the show steadily forward to God knows where. It’s a smart and thought-provoking adventure, and one of only a handful of television series that I actually watch.

On DVD, Netflix, and even Blu-Ray, Weeds is definitely a recommend.

season 5
DVD: Weeds: Season Five

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