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A guy (jwinkle01)with a camcorder and a poster cuts through ALL the class war bullshit that Wisconsin is undergoing right now.

He also puts the reality of bottom ranking schools in bottom ranking states –and the systems that produce them — into perspective.

DVD – Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Blu-ray – Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

This documentary should be required watching in schools. These are the “masters of the universe.” The masters are anyone who finds a way to make large sums of money, even if they have to put your grandmother in the dark in order to extort outrageous electricity fees, while their Luciferian little frat boy scumbags laugh and joke about the chaos and destruction they are responsible for.

Welcome to America.

Enron (closely connected to the George W. Bush administration) was one of the greatest thefts in modern American history. This well-connected energy conglomerate expanded greatly out into the world, gobbling up electricity and other energy sector companies as it steam rolled into town, led by some of the most ruthless charlatans in US business. And that’s saying something.

What it’s saying is that “deregulation” is bullshit. Regulation is what protects your family from mafiosos like these. Government regulated the energy industry successfully for nearly 70 years, until the industry managed to buy their way into state legislation houses and overturn the perfectly-functioning electricity delivery system. Chaos ensued.

Even their own workers lost everything, stolen pensions, stolen jobs. See the movie.

From OpEd News, Rob Kall / Ray McGovern

American hero, patriot, former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Ray McGovern was brutally roughed up by security while Hillary Clinton blathered on about freedom of speech.

The hypocrisy was pretty striking. Business as usual in DC.

DVD: Black Dynamite
Blu-ray: Black Dynamite

Nobody sticks it to the man like Black Dynamite. He’s a bad mutha. The baddest, and yet he’s a righteous cat doin’ it for the kids. Can you dig it?

Black Dynamite could be the greatest Blaxploitation movie. It’s hilarious start to finish, and it parodies every Blaxploitation quirk you can name. But it’s so much more.

The CIA / drugs connection is at the heart of the movie. It’s the story. Although it’s outrageously twisted into other realms, the distrust of the CIA, the federal government and the white house is front and center. The politicians are of course in bed with the gangsters, the drug dealers.

I’m hoping for a Black Dynamite 2: Shorter Fuse / Longer Stick.

DVD: The Runaways

(Also reviewed by Kim Nicolini here.)

The Runaways started off so promisingly. Back to the mid 70’s LA rock scene. Crazy kids in need of loud music and meaning. An era where girls weren’t supposed to pick up electric guitars. The next phase in female empowerment, women’s liberation, competing with the boys on their own turf — really powerful historical developments that were true. The story is true, authentic, straight from Cherie Currie’s memoir.


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The people of Egypt have toppled the US sponsored dictator Mubarak. US taxpayers have given this corrupt regime in excess of $64 Billion since 1979. With US schools being slashed, is anyone in Washington DC inquiring about a refund???

Congratulations to Egypt.

If this torturer, murderer, ruthless monster can be beaten, most any tyrant can be dispensed with the same.

Remember “Defiance Day.” Remember the general strike. Remember the army units who stood with the protesters and against the tyrant’s rule. That’s how it’s done.

The Tudors: The Complete Series

Henry’s a bos-tard!

That’s what I’ve been yelling out intermittently these past few days.

The Tudors has concluded after four years depicting the tyrannical reign of English king Henry VIII.

People remember Henry for his tendency to kill off his wives and take others. But how did it all go down?