The Ghost Writer (2010)

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Ghost Writer is one of those rare and exceptional thrillers that brings real life and fiction together convincingly. Without dumbing it down too much nor dulling its edge, Polanski delivers the modern political thriller.

The opening ramped up slowly, as the Ewan MacGregor character takes his time getting interested in the story. He’s apolitical and rather naive, in the extreme it turns out. The others, not so much.

Basically the torture scandals, interenational law, the International Criminal Court and the fight for justice are alive and well — in the movies, anyway. The real world awaits indictments for known war criminals who enjoy immunity as leaders of powerful nations.

Amazingly this week the UN Security Council has denounced Qadaffi for his abuses against the Libyan people. With about 1,000 dead civilians to his credit this week, Qadaffi is not seen as a good guy.

Unfortunately, some studies put the numbers at over 1,000,000 dead civilians in Iraq when the perpetrators were not on the official US enemies list. To the contrary. Do the math.

It is just this situation that The Ghost Writer addresses throughout.

  1. a movie worth watching

  2. my ex says:

    I agree with you thenextgenwriter, especially If you are a ghost, you need to watch the movei and learn the hidden lessons!

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