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See this article and the links inside for legal guidelines on using your camera in public.

One Peace at a Time (2009)

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One Peace at a Time is free on Hulu for now. This very inspired documentary by Turk Pipkin scours the world for serious problems and workable solutions. It’s worth a watch if just to see how the other 90% live.

9/11: Remember THIS for starters…

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FUBAR (2011)

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Fubar from Hasraf HaZ Dulull on Vimeo.

This short computer animated film gives a new perspective on the plague of our times, war.

Rethug Debate In 45 Seconds

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The Republican party a front for uber rich douchebags who don’t want to pay any taxes? Say it ain’t so!

Proud to be living in a fascist thug-run police state?

One dozen states now make it illegal to record police on duty, whether the police in question are committing crimes themselves or not. In Illinois, a man could be sentenced to 75 years for basically turning on an audio recorder.

This madness must be stopped cold, and Michael Allison is a brave mofo turning down a plea deal to challenge this Nazi insanity head on. Michael is represented by the ACLU — who could use your donation always.