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Occupy Art Website

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Occupyr is a place to upload and download your protest artwork.

The Man Nobody Knew (2011)

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This looks very interesting. The son of CIA director William Colby searches fro the true story of who is father was.

“Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.”

SNL skit on bank bailouts

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An actually funny political satire on Saturday Night Live — who’d have thunk? Of course it was subsequently banned from rebroadcast because it calls out the “bipartisan spirit” of looting the treasury. Dems, Repubs, George Soros get theirs.

Where Do We Go From Here? Occupy Wall St.

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Wikileaks in Financial Trouble

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How you can help.

Imperial Assault on Libya

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The War on Libya is a War on Africa (EN/FR)
by grtv

Back in the UK, after several months spent in Libya covering NATO war crimes and uncovering mainstream media lies, freelance journalist Lizzie Phelan continues to fight for truth and justice on behalf of the Libyan people. Her testimony below is a gripping example of her commitment.

Lizzie Phelan spent her last days in Libya – where she was reporting for PressTV – trapped in the Rixos Hotel, together with Thierry Meyssan, Mahdi Nazemroaya and two other members of the Voltaire Network team.

She said a Western-backed genocide is taking place in Libya and there are no independent journalists left on the ground to cover the story.


Fukushima Update

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Arnie Gunderson on Reactor 3 and a possibly fission explosion that occurred there.


Fukushima: Towards the Formation of a Radioactive Graveyard in the Pacific Ocean?

I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street

Journeyman Productions presents “The Revolution Business – World” featuring William Engdahl


Occupy Wall Street and “The American Autumn”: Is It a “Colored Revolution”?

Warrior (2011)

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Punching at the Heart

I like to see a good boxing film. I always have. Part of me has argued that I accept boxing narratives because they don’t mask the brutality of men at battle with each other. No hiding behind a football or a basketball: boxing is fist-on-fist fighting for survival. Almost always set in the working class, boxing films provide a great arena in which to play out the struggles of men battling to survive by punching the daylights out of each other for money. This setting is ripe for allegories about trying to make do in an economic world that wants to beat them down. But boxing movies are more than just economic allegories. They also provide a place where myths of American masculinity rise to the fore, and ideas of honor, brotherhood, and strength are put to the test in the ring.