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It’s coming, and much of it is already here.

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Diary (2010)

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by Tim Hetherington

A personal portrait of wars, particularly in Africa, by a British war videographer who was reportedly killed in Libya just recently.



Arne Gunderson is too diplomatic to come right out and state the absolute corruption of insane legislators, but his detailed analysis of their new nuke designs comes to the same conclusion.

No nukes, period. Atomic power is an immoral, corrupt hazard to human life around the world and quite indefensible.

Media Watch:

Goldman Sachs has infiltrated senior positions of power across Europe, says Le Monde’s London correspondent, Marc Roche. The Prime Ministers of Greece and Italy as well as the new head of the European Central Bank all have close ties to the bank.

This European show doesn’t tie in the American officials in the Obama administration who are also Goldman Sachs operatives.

Article originally appeared at Counterpunch

Clint Eastwood’s Befuddling “J. Edgar”
Springtime for Hoover


Clint Eastwood is one of Hollywood’s top movie directors. He’s directed (and starred in) many movies; from the great, redefining-the-genre western The Outlaw Josey Wales, the Oscar-winning Unforgiven, the preposterous Million Dollar Baby and the brilliant Gran Torino to such underwhelming fare as Invictus, Space Cowboys and Hereafter.

He’s added to his oeuvre with J. Edgar, a biopic of the late FBI Director. J. Edgar is a complete mess. Instead of the usual guns-blazing-G-man-gets-his man tripe, J. Edgar is a weird, tepid love story. With only passing nods to the many significant events of the Director’s 48 years at the helm of the agency, the movie’s focus is on an anti-social, damaged man who lives with his controlling, passive/aggressive mother until she dies and who finds love of a sort with Clyde Tolson, a subordinate he promotes to his top aide and lifelong companion.

Taxes and the Economy

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