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Trailer of Miss Representation

by Jennifer Epps

The summer’s mortifying advance poster for David Fincher’s remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo crossed my path a few months back after I had just seen the limited-release documentary Miss Representation.

Fresh from Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s harrowing exposé of an insidious undeclared war on women in U.S. mainstream media, there was no way not to be deeply disturbed by the sight of Rooney Mara as the world-famous detective Lisbeth Salander — the formidable, fierce, headstrong genius at the heart of a trilogy of Swedish crime novels — attired essentially only in body piercings, with an older man’s arm firmly wrapped around her chest. The fact that he’s Daniel Craig and her co-star didn’t resolve whether his glowering embrace was menacing or protective, but one thing was clear: what’s on display was not the tattooed lady’s remarkable mind. This image has little to do with an expert computer hacker whose photographic memory and lightning-quick insights are matched only by her self-sufficiency and gutsiness.

The supreme irony is that the late novelist Stieg Larsson went to great lengths to fashion a complex, idiosyncratic, and ferocious heroine in Lisbeth Salander (within the limits of the commercial thriller genre), and to craft plots that indict the abuse of women. He saw a feminist mission as the chief among his left-wing causes in writing this series of mysteries. But the early publicity for the Hollywood Girl with the Dragon Tattoo automatically dragged out the same old sexual objectification of women (and then some). It could be the promo for virtually any tale of a damsel in distress.

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory in 5 Minutes (2011)

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This short by James Corbett piles on the absurdities and inconsistencies in the official US Government story of the 9/11 attacks in rapid fire fashion.



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From director Saul Landau:

Rated: NR
Runtime: 82 mins.
6:30pm & 8pm
Wednesday, January 4  [2012]
Roxie Theater 3117 16 St [San Francisco]

FILMMAKER IN PERSON! This film chronicles half a century of hostile US-Cuba relations by telling the story of “the Cuban Five”: intelligence agents sent to penetrate Cuban exile terrorist groups in Miami who are now serving long prison sentences. WILL THE REAL TERRORIST PLEASE STAND UP? highlights decades of assassinations and sabotage at first backed – then ignored – by the very government that launched a “War on Terror”. From the Bay of Pigs to multiple attempts on Fidel Castro’s life, a question is raised: what did Cuba do to deserve such hostile treatment?

Dir: Saul Landau.
Cinematography by Haskell Wexler.
2011. Digital. 65 mins.
Original Music — The Cuban Cowboys, Greg and Camilo Landau  — one block from the 16th and Mission BART station

Steve Anthopoulos wrote:

Hi, My submission is more of a video article. It make an analogy between the story of Moses and the 10 plagues and the modern day palestinian conflict (among others), drawing parallels between talking points.

The Iraq War that Obama chooses to ignore.

 December 18, 2007

To: Mr. Randy Waddle, Assistant Inspector General, Ft Carson, Colorado
CC: LTC John Shawkins, Inspector General, Ft Carson, Colorado
Major General Mark Graham, Commanding Officer, Ft Carson, Colorado
Major Haytham Faraj, USMC, Camp Pendleton, California
Lt General Stanley Greene, US Army Inspector General

Subject: Formal Notification of War Atrocities and Crimes Committed by Personnel, B Company, 2-12, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division in Iraq

Dear Mr. Waddle,

My name is John Needham. I am a member of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, (BCo,2-12INF,2BCT,2ID . I deployed with my unit to Iraq from October 2006 until October 2007 when I was medically evacuated for physical and mental injuries that I suffered during my deployment. The purpose of my letter is to report what I believe to be war crimes and violation of the laws of armed conflict that I personally witnesses while deployed in Iraq.

Upon arriving in Iraq in October of 2006 my unit was assigned to the ¼ Cavalry unit at Camp Prosperity. In March of 2007 I was sent back to my unit, B Company 2-12 at Camp Falcon. It was at Camp Falcon that I observed and was forced to participate in ugly and inhumane acts against the Iraqi citizens in our area of responsibilities. Below I list some of the incidents that took place.

In March of 2007, I witnessed SSG Platt shoot and wound an Iraqi national without cause of provocation. The Staff Sergeant said that he suspected the Iraqi be a “trigger” man. We had not been attacked and we found no evidence on the man to support the suspicion. As the Iraqi lay bleeding on the ground, PVT Smith requested to administer first aid to the Iraqi. SSgt Platt said no and “let him bleed out.” When SSG Platt walked away, Pvt Smith and PVT Mullins went to the Iraqi, dragged him to an alley, and applied first aid. They then drove him to the cache for further treatment.

In June of 2007 1SG Spry caused an Iraqi male to be stopped, questioned, detained, and killed. We had no evidence that the Iraqi was an insurgent or terrorist. In any event when we stopped he did not pose a threat. Although I did not personally witness the killing, I did observe 1sg Spry dismembering the body and parading of it while it was tied to the hood of a Humvee around the Muhalla neighborhood while the interpreter blared out warnings in Arabic over the loud speaker. I have a photo that shows 1SG Spry removing the victim’s brains.

On another occasion an Iraqi male was stopped by a team led by Sgt Rogers as he walked down an alleyway. The Iraqi was detained and questioned then with his hands tied behind his back, SGT Rogers skinned his face.

1ST Spry shot a young Iraqi teenager who was about 16 years old. The shooting was unprovoked and the Iraqi posed no threat to the unit. He was merely riding his bicycle past an ambush site. When I arrived on the scene I observed 1SGT Spry along with SSG Platt dismember the boy’s body.

In August of 2007, I responded to radio call from SGT Rogers reporting that he had just shot an Iraqi who was trying to enter through a hole that the platoon had blown in a wall to allow them observation of the area during a security patrol. When I arrived, I saw a one armed man who was still alive lying on a barricade. The man was about 30 years old. He had an old Ruger pistol hanging from his thumb. It was obvious to me that the pistol was placed there because of the way it hung from his thumb. The Iraqi was still alive when I arrived. I saw SGT Rogers shoot him twice in the back with hollow point bullets. The Iraqi was still moving. I was asking why they shot him again when I heard Sgt Hoskins say “he’s moving, he’s still alive.” SPEC Hoskins then moved to the Iraqi and shot him in the back of the head. SSG Platt and SGT Rogers were visibly excited about the kill. I saw them pull the Iraqi’s
brains out as they placed him in the body bag. CPT Kirsey must have learned something about this incident because he was very upset and admonished the NCOs involved.

I have seen and heard 1SGT Spry brag about killing dogs. He kept a running count. At last count I remember he was boasting of having killed 80 dogs.

On many occasions I observed SGT Temples, SSG Platt and SGT Rogers beat and abuse Iraqi teenagers, some as young as 14, without cause. They would walk into a house near areas where they suspected we had received sniper fire, then detain and beat the kids.

I have photos that support my allegations. I also have numerous other photos on a laptop PC that the unit illegally seized from me. I have requested its return but they have refused.

My experiences have taken a terrible toll on me. I suffer from PTSD and depression. I had no way to stop the ugly actions of my unit. When I refused to participate they began to abuse and harass me. I am still in treatment at the Balboa Naval hospital. I respectfully request that you investigate these matters, that you protect my safety by reassigning me to a different unit that is not located at Fort Carson, that you return my PC or, at least, seize it to protect the evidence on it, and that you issue a military protective order to prohibit the offending members of my unit from harassing, retaliating, or contacting me.

I have some photographs and some supporting documentation to these allegations.

PFC John Needham
US Army

The  abomination of “RoundUp Ready” by Monsanto, among others, is explained in great technical detail by Dr. Don Huber, agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, who’s convinced that Monsanto’s genetically engineered “RoundUp Ready” crops are responsible for a new micro-monster that’s causing an outbreak of new plant, animal and human diseases.

Bottom line, Glyphosate, an extremely powerful herbicide collects in the plants and animals and in you as well.  It continues its very toxic business of interfering with enzymes and mutating bacteria including the useful bacteria in digestive tracts.  Animal studies show unhealthy young who were fed these products and lots of abortions in the animals studied.  Reduced fertility is also an epidemic with animals fed Glyphosate.  Tiny doses of this malevolent chemical can have great effects on plants and animals.

Dr. Huber also notes the rigging of the system and the use of patent claims to stop research into GMO foods.

From the Youtube page:

“Please read or watch (part1 & part 2) Dr. Mercola’s interview with Dr. Huber and then write USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, as Dr. Huber has, and urge him to place a moratorium on Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready crops until scientists learn more about this deadly micro-monster.

Learn more at Food Democracy Now.”


He’s got my vote just based on this five minute interview.  Share this video, and let’s see what happens…