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Cocaine Unwrapped (2012)

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From the front line of the US war on drugs, Cocaine Unwrapped brings a timely and unique spotlight on the major players in the global trade.

COCAINE UNWRAPPED brings front line reportage from coca farmers in Bolivia, drugs mules in Ecuadorian prisons, cocaine factories in the Colombian jungle, dealers on the streets of Mexico and Baltimore – and consumers from the clubs and dinner tables of the West. It portrays a story of death, economic devastation and human suffering and provides unprecedented exclusive access to the political leaders of Latin America and interviews with drugs czars on both sides of the Atlantic.


Soil samples all around Tokyo are radioactively contaminated.  The disaster is much worse than the Japanese government or IAEA will admit.


All right, kiddies, in honor of Mitt — corporate raider — Romney, the stalwart Republican stuffed suit, the man who made his millions the old fashioned way, by buying up other people’s companies and laying off most of the workforce, here ya go:

 What Mormons Believe

 This is hilarious, and features the magic underwear:

Former Mormon Ed Decker Goes to the Temple (1)


 And how about a word from the prophet George Carlin on religion:


Shit Lobbyists Say (Short)

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 Fast and Furious: The Hidden History of the Drug War – Bill Conroy on GRTV

Bill Conroy of NarcoNews explains the recent history of the events in Mexico and the gun running across the US/Mexican border.   US arms (with the assistance of US government agencies like ATF) went to support the Sinaloa drug cartel which now controls most of the drug trade routes in Mexico.

There is also a large non-violent people’s movement in Mexico rising up to resist the tyranny of drug cartels and corrupt government.


Rob Reid dissects the laughably absurd claims made by RIAA and MPAA.

“Energy companies have recently found more than 700m barrels of commercially viable oil in the pristine Albertine Graben region, representing the first major petroleum strike in east Africa.  Tullow Oil, the FTSE 100 company leading the exploration, believes the exploitable deposits could exceed 1.5bn barrels…” (Guardian)

Was Joseph Kony chased out of Uganda years ago, and more recently out of Congo as well?

 “On Tuesday a Congolese general said Kony and other LRA leaders have been chased out of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the neighbouring Central African Republic and no longer pose a threat in his country.”  (Globalresearch)

And yet US Special Forces have been sent IN to Uganda, where Kony isn’t, and this bit of agit-prop comes out to legitimize their mission?

“Ugandan and Congolese forces failed to eradicate the guerrillas during a military operation that began in December 2008. The group now flits between CAR, DRC and Southern Sudan.” [NOT Uganda](Guardian)

While Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army is not actually in Uganda, a large reserve of oil apparently is:

“When oil executives announced the discovery of the largest onshore oil reserves in the Lake Albert region of Uganda in July 2009, the landlocked, oft-neglected East African nation of Uganda went from relative obscurity to a key partner for multi-national oil conglomerates.” (Corbett)

Africom continues to train the Ugandan military. Africom also took the “lead” in the illegal assault on Libya last year. US forces are active across Africa, mostly under the radar of US mainstream audiences.

For decades child soldiers and atrocities have been committed across Africa, and the US didn’t care at all.  Now that oil has been discovered, it’s time to save the children (even if the problem is two countries away).

Smells rotten.  Like all war propaganda.