The Rocky Show Trailer (2012)

Posted: March 9, 2012 in -

A recap / introduction to Salt Lake City mayor and presidential candidate Rocky Anderson:

This looks like part of the Rocky 2012 presidential campaign.

Rocky did drop the ball in a face-off with reactionary creep Bill O’Reilly.  When O’Reilly claimed that no “crime” had been committed in Iraq, Anderson should have been all over that.  Instead he let O’Reilly get away with this false claim.

The Iraq War was a crime in international law, a Crime Against the Peace and a clear violation of the UN Charter. These are US crimes under the Constitution Article 6 (“supreme law of the land clause”).  Anderson should have stood up for international law at that moment, which is clear and indisputable.  O’Reilly’s only response would be to discount the value of international law, which he would predictably do.

Other than that, Rocky Anderson is the most reasonable and moral candidate running for president.  Too bad he has no chance in 2012.  Perhaps if he focuses on building the Justice Party into something credible, he can have a strong showing in 2016.

Unfortunately, so far Anderson’s campaign has been separate and distinct from the Justice Party he has helped seed.  They are two distinctly different entities with little crossover.  Anderson’s current popularity is being wasted by not turning this exposure into a strong number of committed party members.  Like Ralph Nader’s 2000 bid, the big headlines have been squandered in not building a highly organized challenge to the two-party stranglehold on America.






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