The International War Propaganda Against Syria

Posted: April 10, 2012 in -
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The western narrative on Syria is a one-sided Big Lie. In this fictional account, the government of Syria has been “killing its own people” for the past year, seemingly without a reason. The existence of armed terrorists and military units crossing the border into Syria was covered up for many months, and is still routinely ignored in the press coverage. Several recent reports can bring the viewer up to speed on the scope of this deception:

Al Jazeera Journalist Explains Resignation over Syria and Bahrain Coverage

Confirms sightings of armed paramilitary units crossing the border from Lebanon into Syria as far back as April 2011. Al Jazeera refused to air video footage of these armed units captured in May 2011, thus causing the rift and eventual resignation of several of their staff in the Beirut, Lebanon bureau of Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera Exodus: Channel Losing Staff Over Bias

Russia Today report on press situation.

Syrian Journalist: CNN, Al-Jazeera falsifying events in Syria

PressTV is Iranian news. Report implicates CNN in the faking of news coverage and acting as a propagandist for the Syrian opposition public relations operation. More about CNN broadcasting fabricated Syrian government “attacks” is shown in this video:

CNN Today: Fake Syria Sources, Fake Attacks, Fake Body Counts

This is war propaganda, which is not a victimless crime. There are at least two sides in this conflict, with many indicating more than two sides among the rebels. Clearly foreign governments are providing arms and now are openly providing money to alleged “freedom fighters” who have murdered numerous civilians and maintain a death squad to execute prisoners and so-called “traitors” (civilians loyal to the Syrian government). Terrorist acts by the Syrian opposition as well as fabrications of fake government attacks are documented, and so are its “Al Qaeda” connections, which are even admitted to by none other than Hillary R. Clinton.

Syria is a flashpoint for global conflict, potentially a spark that can unleash World War 3, involving powers such as Russia and China (who openly vetoed the American led push for war on the Syrian state in the UN Security Council). Syria, as an ally of Iran, seems to be the target of a Washington coordinated multi-pronged assault involving Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others.

The gross hypocrisy of Washington’s alleged concern for the plight of Syrian civilians, with a complete disregard for the civilians of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (US allies), is not fooling those in the Arab world. Only ill-informed western audiences buy this so-called “humanitarian” interventionist policy, which is imperialism under the cloak of protecting somebody somewhere.

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