Obama Foreign Policy vs. Aurora Shooting Spree (Billboard)

Posted: July 30, 2012 in -
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It’s an obvious point, an old point, and a true one nonetheless.  This billboard was put up in Idaho, and we need more like it.  The victims of US aggression receive miniscule attention in this myopic, narcissistic land.  Ours is a propaganda state of worthy and unmentionable victims, where lives are valued according to policy requirements.  The attention given to their deaths, to the injustices perpetrated against them is commensurate with the politics of the editorial decision makers.

Whose massacre is greater, in that above photo?  Who continues to kill with impunity?  Who gets away with it in broad daylight?

Let the Obama apologists flood the world now with dissembling and obfuscation. (Dead Libyans and dead Syrians and dead Africans and dead Yemenis and dead Pakistanis and dead Afghanis don’t count, you see).



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