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Dear Political Film Blog Editors,

Filmmakers with a story to tell about their Hispanic experience (whether personal or by exposure) should check out the Coco Latino Project, a film contest with a $10,000 grand prize.

The Coco Latino Project is seeking original videos based on five themes: Identity, Family, Home, Influences and Mealtime. Interested participants should visit the Coco Latino Project website for contest rules and information regarding the cash prize and travel opportunities.

Time is limited; the entry period ends August 12. Below is a press release with more project information.

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about Coco Latino. If there’s no space on your blog for a post, a Tweet or Facebook post will go a long way to get this into the hands of deserving filmmakers. For Twitter, please use the #CocoLatino hashtag.

To interview the project creators or contest judges, please send me a note with your area of interest and the best way to contact you.

Kind regards,


PS: The Coco Latino logo can be downloaded here and there’s a Q&A video from contest judge Mando Alvarado on YouTube.

Paul Wiseman | Communications Manager

T +1 (305) 860-1000 Ext. 124

M +1 (407) 463-6470v

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