Twilight – an Anti-War Film?

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Ruth Hull
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Twilight’s Breaking Dawn-Part 2:
The Best Anti-War Movie of 2012

by Ruth Hull

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 should be required viewing for all government officials, particularly Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu.

It establishes that the only way to win a war is not to fight it in the first place. Even the winners lose when wars are fought.

This concluding chapter of the Twilight Saga may remind some of Mathew Broderick’s 1983 movie, Wargames. Who could forget the NORAD computer running through all possible scenarios of the game of “Global Thermalnuclear War” with the Soviet Union and then announcing that, ” the only winning move is NOT TO PLAY?” This movie teaches a similar lesson.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, millions have died. The soldiers massacred are far fewer than the numbers of innocent civilians (especially little children) slaughtered, but there was no need for our servicemen to die and even less reason for innocent civilians to die. What gives us the right to go into somebody else’s country and murder their children?

Yet, in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan, we have slaughtered innocents in Libya and Pakistan and now some Americans want to slaughter more in Iran.

The same could be said for Netanyahu and his slaughter of innocent children in Gaza. In preparation for an election, he slaughtered children and babies in Palestine. These innocents never did anything to him. Bibi’s behavior is reminiscent of that of the Twilight’s Vulturi family who have already killed too many innocent children and are willing to do lots of collateral damage, just to murder one more.

Breaking Dawn-Part 2 should be shown on the floor of Congress before the next vote for even one more dollar of war funding or before sending one more weapon to Israel. It should also be viewed at the ICC as Netanyahu is being brought in handcuffs before that tribunal for his crimes against humanity.

Even the bad leaders in Twilight had higher morals than the leaders of the United States and Israel. In the movie, the leadership of both sides of the conflict was on the front lines of the battle and willing to lose their heads (literally) for their respective causes. Why are Obama and Bibi sending others to do their dirty work while they hide far away from the massacres? Are they cowards? Shouldn’t all of Congress be out on the plains of Afghanistan and other battlefields, engaging in hand to hand combat with whomever they want to kill. That would be the honorable thing. Maybe we should enact a Constitutional Amendment requiring our leaders to be the first ones to line up on the battlefields when they vote for war. That instantly gives us up to 535 willing and eager troops in addition to the President and his/her cabinet, who must also be eager and willing or they’d decide against war before it started.

Chris Hedges has stated, “Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All.” As the people of the world joined in spirit to oppose and boycott Israel over the last week, Twilight’s Vulturi family found that the best of their kind were gathered to oppose their terror and oppression. In Twilight, lifelong enemies from different families/cultures/breeds/species(?) choose to put aside their differences and unite to save a child and bring about peace. Imagine what would have happened if the leaders of the United States had gone to Israel and demanded an end to the slaughter before the first Palestinian child died in the recent conflict.

Twilight teaches some other important principles lacking in our society. The main characters are constantly willing to sacrifice and put their lives on the line for their family and friends. The series teaches that true love is about being willing to give up what you want most to protect those you love. American society has become very selfish. Divorces are at an all- time high and the once-strong family structure support system is broken. A return to the values demonstrated in Twilight could both save the economy and increase longevity in the United States.


In addition to being the best anti-war picture of 2012 and a movie that teaches about values, this final chapter is also full of action that will keep audiences eagerly entranced and watching the screen. In theaters, the audiences are so enthralled that you can listen to the vocal manifestations of the alignment of their hearts and minds with each new development in the plot.

There are also surprises and twists that actually improve the story for those who have read and loved the book series. It is loaded with action and suspense. The actors and actresses turn in award-quality performances in this segment. Lovers of the series will be glad they caught this movie and will find the final outcome to their liking. Most audience-goers are saying this is the best of the Twilight films. So if you haven’t caught the other four, at least watch this one.

Of all the films this holiday season, Breaking Dawn-Part 2 is the one you will be most glad you saw. It will leave you with a good sense of what life, love and peace are all about. If everyone got the messages in this film, we just might end these wars and save America’s economy.

Check out the preview and then go see the movie.

 Ruth Hull is the chairman of a liberal Democratic organization that is working to move the country towards its true base, the people. She has organized major human rights events and worked with some of the most liberal leaders in America. Her career has included work as a criminal defense attorney, a licensed private investigator, an educator and a writer.

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