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Grow a fucking pair, mother fuckers.  If you don’t demand they stop violating the Constitution with impunity it sets a precedent.




“NDAA Vote This Week: Tell Senate to end indefinite detention

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allows the United States military to detain civilians indefinitely and without charge or trial — even American citizens. Help us reverse this travesty of justice by adding your name at right.

Next, please use the new social media tools we’ve built to help us win this fight:
Please click here to use our fun “detain-a-friend” tool to spread word using Facebook.
And use our Twitter tool to tweet directly at your senators.

The Senate is taking up the 2013 NDAA this week. Several senators are poised to put forth amendments to revoke or narrow the indefinite detention powers that we’ve been fighting so hard over the last year.

Demand Progress members have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to Congress and have helped fund the courageous lawsuit by Chris Hedges et al — which recently spurred a federal judge to rule that indefinite detention is unconstitutional.

Because there are several amendments in play, our ask is broad and simple: Please urge your Senators to support any and all amendments to revoke or narrow indefinite detention powers.

Earlier this year we helped push an anti-indefinite detention amendment to the House’s version of the NDAA to the brink of passage. The Senate is friendly turf for us: We have a real chance of winning this fight.
Please email the Senate in front of its critical vote — it could happen this week.”


  1. Having looked it over and thought it over, I think this. This appears to be an ap that enables you to put a friends profile photo behind bars. Is that the idea? Such a “Detain A Friend” application may do some good at alerting folks of the seriousness of the New Year’s Eve 2011-12 Executive Decree and view it somewhat akin to Morsi’s power grab in Egypt. The legislation backs the Obama claimed “right to indefinitely detain” without Constitutional due process. However this proposed Facebook ap could also encourage the kind of fear that freezes action and encourages self-censorship, rather than create the noble posture of actively defending the Bill of Rights. It may also confuse the issue when in that it would be a friend instead of the government doing the “detaining” on Facebook. Maybe I don’t get it, have not tried it. I imagine that many people would, at least for a while, begin posting a photo of Dick Cheney, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, or Barrack Obomber up there to be put behind those symbolic Facebook prison bars. Now that would be funny! LOL Basically, this idea needs more thought perhaps… Just find your way to speak out against this UnConstitutional Decree and end the fake emergency. Thanks for The Political Film Blog… I re-post you all the time!

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