“And in fact when the FBI saw what was going on and how the CIA intended to treat him,  they withdrew, because they were afraid it was criminal.  And in fact one of the FBI agents told headquarters of the FBI, he thought that the CIA interrogators should be arrested.”


Mayer Interview Begins About 10 Minutes Injane-mayer.

We’re told repeatedly how we should praise the “strong women” like director Kathryn Bigelow and her CIA protagonist in Zero Dark Thirty, despite the latter being a torturer and war criminal in real life.

What about strong women who don’t torture and commit murder for the state?  Like Amy Goodman, Jane Mayer, Sibel Edmonds, Colleen Rowley, Medea Benjamin, Jill Stein and Cynthia McKinney?  Their stories remain off the radar, off the mainstream news, and off the minds of Americans who are increasingly indoctrinated to worship the military and militarism.  Those who stand up for human rights and opposed to war and torture are sidelined in this culture, despite their allegedly valued “strength” and character.

“They got a lot of bad information, and they have radicalized the world against the United States.”




Mayer wrote about the CIA Officer Alfreda “Frances” Bikowsky in her book, detailing an aggressive, felonious CIA manager who reveled in the torture of Khalid Shiekh Muhammad.  She also sent an innocent tourist to be tortured in Afghanistan for 5 months and refused to release him even after being informed by the German government that his passport was legitimate.

More about Alfreda Frances Bikowsky at the History Commons:

Profile: Alfreda Frances Bikowsky at History Commons


Bikowsky is the obvious real-life model for Zero Dark Thirty’s protagonist played by Jessica Chastain, and named as “Maya.


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