Starring Brit Marling, Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgard and Patricia Clarkson – the question here concerns distributor Fox Searchlight acquiring a film that presents itself as anti-capitalist, when we all know Fox is the most right wing, biased organization in the mainstream media. So what gives?

Is the plot a bait and switch? Is the message in the end how anyone who challenges the crimes of corporations is essentially as bad — or worse — than the corporate criminals themselves? We shall see.

The initial review from Sundance is vague on the film’s politics. One glaring point however, it seems Brit Marling (bombshell) is a mercenary intelligence spook on the hunt for the group, and the infiltration and sting setup of its members is a central part of the plot.


  1. RigoHC says:

    this movie at least from the trailer doesn’t look anti capitalist it looks like scare mongering against anti capitalist which makes sense that fox is behind it or any corporate studio for that matter

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