What Obama Said — and What He Meant — About Climate Change, War and Civil Liberties
By Norman Solomon


  1. Norman Solomon has had the annoying habit of supporting Democratic Presidential candidates while chastising those who will not vote for evil, lesser or greater, by voting for one of the two wings of the Corporate Monopoly Empire Party. He has released some good analyses in the past, such as “War Made Easy”. Yet he could not bare to take a long hard look into the facts of the 9/11 tragedy. He called it a “distraction” even as the pretext for war and repressive legislation was used to destroy everything he claims to stand for. And like Michael Moore and Cornell West, Solomon remained loyal to the ever-right moving “Democratic” party. We did not hear outrage from them when our Green Party Presidential and VP candidates, Dr Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, were handcuffed to metal chairs for 8 hours for merely showing up to a Presidential “debate” being staged by the corporation that controls the debates. This is a good piece of writing from Solomon. Maybe the big break is coming soon!

  2. Editor says:

    I hear ya, BB. Perhaps the DC stench is too rank to ignore anymore.

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