“Sign our letter against Medicare and Social Security cuts”

Obama’s grand betrayal, grand theft is aimed at you and your family. If you don’t stand up for your own interests — really, what the hell good are you?


“END THE WARS.” -Congressman Alan Grayson

  1. Jared Coffey says:

    Unfortunately, Social Security was a shell game from it’s inception.

    The baby busters withholding being unable to support the boomers is just another obvious sign of how flawed he system is at its foundation.

    TL;DR Stealing? Social Security was a political hoodwinking from it’s inception.

  2. Editor says:

    That’s nonsense. The “hoodwinking” is by limiting the contributions of the wealthy. They should have their payroll tax increased above the $100k artificial limitations. Further the wealthy are allowed to be paid in capital gains instead of official “wages” and thus create a two-tiered wage system. This should also be taxed at the same rates as the rest of the population. Thirdly, the US government has been stealing from the Social Security Trust Fund since Reagan. Yes, that’s stealing the retirement income from the great majority who pay into the shared system. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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