Some films stand apart, out on the ledge and aren’t comparable to others. The films of Gaspar Noé fit that bill. Tom Tykwer’s 1998 German action music video is such a film.


In Run Lola Run an atypical narrative structure is employed. This film may be unique for that reason. This story is based upon a philosophical idea called chaos theory, which is an extreme sensitivity to initial input conditions. Lola, the main character, receives a phone call from her boyfriend telling her that he is in desperate trouble with some bad guys, and if he doesn’t get the money they want immediately they are going to kill him. She immediately sets off running to help him. During her elaborate run through the city tiny differences in the terrain play out, as the exact same scenario is repeated three different times. The film has three versions of the same attempt by Lola to go help her boyfriend, but each instance is wildly different than the others due to the smallest difference in timing that she encounters on her way to meet him. These modified outcomes impact lots of other characters as well, along the way. This narrative concept presents a different type of story than what we are used to seeing, and it opens up new possibilities for exploring stories and ideas from different perspectives.

Plus I can’t help but love Franka Potente, who looks even better blonde:


  1. Lina Braun says:

    The only tiny thing that kept me from enjoying it was THAT THE MUSIC DROVE ME FOCKING INSANE!

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