Greatest Movie Review Ever

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star wars episode 1 the phantom menace

If you haven’t seen this 70 min. review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, your life is truly deficient.

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus says:

    I saw Part 7 first, where the top 3 were twiddling their fingers disappointed at their unsalvageable Rosemary’s Baby. Classic! Agree!

    However, Part 1, where the reviewers don’t get the story, betrayed shallow perception, perhaps atheistic bias on their part. Let’s look at the “good side” of what Lucas “tried” to achieve, which was in essence, a Biblical story of how a good kid like young Anakin / Adolf, could later turn into an Evil Darth Vader / Hitler.

    You all want to “blame” Hitler, but forget to blame yourselves for having created so many Hitlers through your own hypocrisies or smallness. Anakin was a genuinely gifted kid, like Abel was, surrounded by Cains. Joseph could read dreams, but he was surrounded by envious Liliput brothers, tiny people, who like Cain sought to kill their greater brother rather then let him flourish.

    The same happened to poor Anakin, however imperfectly George tried to tell the Biblical redemption story. Come on…the dead giveaways…Anakin’s Virgin Birth, his “prophesy” of being the One who can bring balance (Taoism / Buddhism / Dalai Lama belief syncretisms). Those are all GOOD stories based upon real life human nature (the tiny Liliputs always wanting to destroy their giant Gulliver’s). So why aren’t these dipshit reviewers “getting it”?

    Other than that, I was entertained by their humor in Part 7. I look forward to more of their penetrating, yet still dipshit humor, in other episodes. Thanks Joe!!

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