Okay, turn off your brain and fire up the kettle corn.  I had, of course, avoided this big garish video game of a movie whose trailer inspires sea sickness and epileptic shock.  Then, my wife who is even a bigger sci-fi geek than me forced me to watch it.

And you know, it’s not that bad.  I wouldn’t say great, but definitely a solid future film with tons of action and mindbending.  Essentially, a new nanotech interface melds brain cells with communication.  Having these cells inside your mind makes you part of “Society,” a way to make money by being controlled by gamers, or to spend money by controlling other people’s actions.


With freaks paying to control others like live puppets, the company and its megalomaniacal CEO become the richest, most powerful entities on earth.  Played by Dexter, the CEO is a bigger than life outrageous Bill Gates cowboy.

The main guy however is the muscle bound Scotsman Gerard Butler, who’s in prison.  This prison allows the inmates to fight real combat game scenarios against each other, for the benefit of the real big spenders.

And so you’ve got your sex, violence, mind control, class, power, plutocracy and revolution.  Add action and visual effects.  Performances are pretty good actually, and the guys behind Crank pump up the scenarios to 11 whenever possible.

Like I said, it’s not a great film, and it won’t be heading over to my Best Sci-Fi list.  A couple of scenes are so dumb you’ll just yell out loud.  But still.

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