Madcow News … Returning? #terrorism #bostonbombing

Posted: May 1, 2013 in -
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Assorted pages from Daniel Hopsicker’s website have reappeared, but not the homepage yet.  I managed to grab the Patrick Fitzgerald image linking Shakh Fathi to terrorism.  Shaikh Fathi links to Congress of Chehen International Organization, which of course was founded using CIA top dog Graham E Fuller’s home address on the application.


congress3All of this links to the uncle of the two alleged Boston Bombers, Uncle Ruslan Tsarni / Tsarnaev (nice name change btw.)

What we have here my friends is prima facie evidence to investigate a whole spider’s nest of potentially treasonous terrorists.  Langley VA is known to be connected to more terrorism around the world than most any other locale.  Hey FBI, you reading this?

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