Craft Int’l Off the Hook?

Posted: May 3, 2013 in -
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Apparently the men in photos were National Guard CST Civil Support Team, but this is not confirmed by the government.  This government has no obligation to respond to the people’s requests for information.  Likely this stonewalling by government is a tactic to INCREASE CONFUSION about this event and ensure that MISINFORMATION spreads.  Why would the government want to increase the misinformation out there concerning what happened in Boston?  As I said, it’s a tactic.

Read about the indisputable, long term relationship between the Tsarnaev brothers’ uncle and the CIA.

This CST development brings up more questions than it answers.

  • Why was the National Guard Civil Support Team looking for a Weapon of Mass Destruction at the Boston Marathon finish line, if there were no warnings about such a thing?
  • And what the hell good are they?
  • And where are the bomb sniffing dogs?
  • Were the bomb sniffing dogs finished with the “exercise” at the time of the actual bombings?
  • Was that the “exercise?”
  • Did US intelligence, such as CIA know about the Boston Marathon security procedures and specifically the time frame of bomb sniffing dogs at the finish line of the race?


The alleged suspects, the Tsarnaev brothers, have ties to CIA, and here are some must-read articles following up:

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