Crazy Genius?

Script here

Really great film, dramatic, funny, great acting.  I’ve got to let Jennifer Lawrence know I’m married because she keeps getting me to fall in love with her.

It’s Bradley Cooper with a performance to remember as a bipolar guy whose life has fallen apart.  Everyone in the film is crazy, including DeNiro and Chris Tucker.  Such an engaging domestic story about a wacky family and trying to deal with mental illness.  Jennifer Lawrence throws a monkey wrench into it, and it becomes a tense love story.

The movie is based on a book, and this has been effective at getting various mental conditions talked about.  The public has responded well to seeing realistic manic behavior and the struggles which are set off from stress.

Having witnessed much of this first hand, I appreciated the film and the performances.  The whole thing works, guided by David O’Russell, himself pretty out there.  So, we’ve got crazy guy, crazy girl, crazy father, crazy writer and crazy director – making movie magic.  We could use some more.

When I have more time I’ll analyze the script.


Bonus… from the crypt…

O’Russell on Stress (literally)


  1. indytony says:

    I just saw “Silver Linings Playbook” yesterday and thought it was a fantastic film that simply went terribly wrong in the end. As someone with Bipolar, I’m looking to build a dialogue about it. As you have the chance, I’d love for you to read and respond to my review, here –

  2. Editor says:

    Hi — I posted your link, but can’t get to it right away. Too busy today.

  3. indytony says:

    Thank you for posted the link.

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