Instant Classic: The Player (1992)

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Joe Giambrone
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A Robert Altman film that’s a watchable length – the right length – and tight.  Really opens up Hollywood to satirical opportunity, also based on a novel.  So what’s the pitch?

In 25 words or less…

Stressed out producer kills the screenwriter, but he’s the wrong screenwriter, and the other guy will make him pay for it, one way or another.


This film is magic from the opening 8 minute shot.  With an intro like that, anyone with a passing interest in the movie business will be clamoring to see what happens next.  Done as a semi noir paranoid murder thriller, it’s also twisted and complex.  If that logline didn’t give away enough, I also fell in love with Greta Scacchi.  I do that a lot huh?

The Player, Opening Shot

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