LA TIMES: “The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says there was enough information about Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev for the FBI to reopen an investigation into his activities.”

As does anyone with a few working brain cells.

What he doesn’t mention is the C.I.A., and their long history of interfering with security related to known Jihadi “assets” whom they would like to do their dirty work in targeted regions.  They also like them to recruit others, like their little brothers, to go fight for the empire against the official enemies.  This is what your tax dollars actually buy, yet Americans are largely ignorant about US foreign policies and covert operations.


LA Times:  “Five days before two bombs tore through crowds at the Boston Marathon, an intelligence report identified the finish line of the race as an “area of increased vulnerability” and warned Boston police that extremists may use “small scale bombings” to attack spectators and runners at the event.

The picture is beginning to focus on this travesty.

The threat was for small scale bombs, such as gunpowder bombs.

The warning related specifically to the “finish line.”  How could they know that anyway, before the fact?

The finish line was crawling with useless National Guard CST “weapon of mass destruction” detector guys (formerly thought to be “Craft International” operatives by some).

Where were the bomb sniffing dogs who could have actually detected the gunpowder bombs used?

CORRECTED: In the “morning,” bomb sniffing dogs allegedly engaged in a “training exercise.”   But where are they at the TIME of the bombing?  Can’t find them in pictures of the bombing event.  Can you?

Yes, that sounds a lot like a “theory.”

So disprove it. You know that’s how the scientific method works.

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