Keystone XL Protester Faces 1 year in Jail For Speaking

Treasonous JUDGES are cooperating with corporations to silence dissenters.  The First Amendment guarantee of free speech is being systematically eroded in the service of increasing corporate power and profit.  This Keystone XL case is a sign of increased crackdown on environmentalists, who are the targets of increased legal penalties for opposing the fossil fuel industry.  The corruption of government is now outlawing free speech by those who seek to stop dangerous, dirty tar sands pipelines and watershed-polluting fracking operations.


  1. activist2020 says:

    Godwin’s Law (to mention of words like “fascism” is to end or stop a conversation) needs to be eased or reformed somewhat. To even mention ‘fascism’, even when appropriate, brings on some of Godwin’s scolding disciples. US fascism and imperialism are real and when it finishes its business with defeating/dominating the current global order, it will finish what remains of us. Speak out against fascism.

  2. Editor says:

    Fuck “Godwin” and his acolytes. Internet chimps don’t restrain my writing with their own cockamamie “rules.” They rule over essentially nothing.

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