Spring Breakers (2012)

Posted: May 30, 2013 in -


Generation Gone-Wild


Well it seems an awful lot like an assault by crazy ass stupid bitches… but the real blame goes to this man:



Harmony Korrine single-handedly created this monster, and it’s quite flawed.  It had so much potential.  The trailer is so good, but as a film it really failed with a capital F.

So, we’ve got crazy ass dumb bitches who go on an armed robbery spree to pay for Spring Break, the spiritual pilgrimage of the American youth.  While excessing themselves into oblivion in the land of skin and shaking asses, eventually the four brats get popped by the man.  Sprung by a sleazy local gangsta, they join up with his drug and murder exploits.  The end.

Yeah, it seems a little thin on story doesn’t it?  Oh yeah, sex and drinking and snorting and smoking and armed robbery and arguing with rival gangstas.  The most annoying sin is Korrine’s choice to replay dialogue clips over and over.  Perhaps that’s only mildly less annoying than the shaky abused camera work and blurry out of focus world through half the movie.  It is an assault, an intentional assault.  A repetitive gun cocking sound repeatedly jumps out much louder than anything else.  It’s meant to annoy the shit out of audiences, and in that respect is successful.


It even comes up short as exploitation, a little up its own ass with style to remember to throw in enough screwing and actual naughtiness.  Half the film is just a rehash of Girls Gone Wild, pointless stupid drunkenness and dancing.

Now I’m sure there’s a point in there somewhere, some kind of statement about the latest youth culture, but the end of the movie is so stupid, tactically speaking as well as logically, that any pluses are swiftly washed away.

I so wanted to like this film, but it failed to tell an interesting story or provide any interesting characters.  In the end it’s hamming up the place by James Franco and some really dumb mindlessly violent girls.  Could it have come up with a perspective to play off of?  There’s no sounding board really, and it winds up being an awful mess of a bunch of disturbing bad behaviors, and not much more.


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