Senile, warmongering, terrorist sympathizer, Senator John McCain wants to arm murdering, kidnapping Jihadi lunatics with US arms and money.  Nothing new there.  The US has already been doing it for more than two years.  I guess the American people never got the memo that the US is now for terrorism and not against it as per previous propaganda statements.  Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.  Ignorance is Strength.  Freedom is Slavery.


John McCain Cuddles Up to Syrian Kidnappers — While Buzzfeed Covers For Him

And what a spokesman! Here is Mr. Nour, speaking to a Time reporter, boasting about how his group killed defecting Syrian army soldiers. The video also features an interview with one of Northern Storm’s fighters, a former teacher who proudly claims he also went to fight the Americans in Iraq. They are, the reporter says, “self-proclaimed jihadists.”

A United States Senator and self-proclaimed “freedom fighter” stands beside self-proclaimed jihadists who boast about how many Americans they killed in Iraq.



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