Michael Moore on the NSA Spying

Posted: June 22, 2013 in -
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“It’s a total puppet show!”

Moore postures himself as an eternal independent, despite his actual record say, around 2004.  Still, he calls out the “duopoly” and the crimes of Democrats as well, even back in Vietnam.  Pretty good interview though, and Moore’s works on the health care and Wall Street crime sprees are valuable and needed.  Moore also talks about the death threats and assaults, post Fahrenheit 9/11 and whether or not he would do it again.  An important filmmaker no matter your opinion of him…

michael-moore-current-tv copy

  1. Michael Moore’s films are usually excellent documentaries on various issues. But his electoral politics is completely baffling and unprincipled! One election he counsels the public to break from the duopoly. The only was is with the Green Party…I agreed. Next election we must vote for the Democratic Party candidate or America will go fascist. Meanwhile, America steadily goes fascist, expands its military provocations and murders by drones, and spies on everyone everywhere under the Obama regime. Martin Luther King would be marching against Obama for sure! US uses NATO globally to expand its corporate resource grabbing and full spectrum dominance goals, when NATO was set up originally to protect Western Europe. The US role in Libya and Syria is criminal. So why is Michael Moore participating in this kind of vile propaganda video? Who got him to do it? “WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA?” http://youtu.be/uYCC6YP6ato Compare that video with this interview on Turkish television with President Assad of Syria.

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