You probably haven’t seen this.  Secret Service inexplicably stands down as the car turns onto the street in front of the Book Depository…

Let me add that anyone who believes the Warren Commission cover-up is either deluded, or working for the other side.

  1. ray says:

    What other side? And who gave the order for the Secret Service to “stand down”? President John F. Kennedy gave the order. The handsome, young liberal idealistic President Kennedy wanted an open limo (top down) so the people lining the motorcade route could get a clear view of him . As for Kennedy’s liberal hopes for the country, LBJ’s Great Society programs were a great start on completing JFK’s vision of where he wanted America to go.

  2. Editor says:

    Are you not aware of Vietnam and Kennedy’s moves to close down the CIA? For all we know LBJ was in on it.

  3. ray johns says:

    RE:Editor, Are you accusing LBJ of being part of a plot to kill JFK? It seems strange to me for a man to risk being caught in plotting to kill the President only to pursue that dead President’s own policy agenda to build the ‘Great Society’ that revived inner city livable core neighborhoods, reduced poverty, desegregated schools and housing, sought to reduce the inequality of wealth between the minority rich elite and the poor majority, and pursued a stable economic plan within the limited energy allowances our finite Earth provides us.

  4. Editor says:

    You’re acting as though that was the only thing going on. Willful blindness is no argument.

    Operation Northwoods

    Click to access northwoods.pdf

    Allen Dulles
    “Although Dulles’ involvement in the Bay of Pigs endeavor gained him enough ill repute to be fired from the CIA during Kennedy’s administration, he didn’t let this stifle his ambition. Somehow he found himself reinstated and was allowed to serve on the commission to investigate the murder of the very man who fired him.”

  5. ray johns says:

    Civil Rights and Great Society WELFARE REFORM was the BIGGEST THINGS GOING ON in the 1960’s . I suspect that your Editors suffer from social amnesia or too young to have lived through the social progressive period of 1960’s America . That’s still not an excuse for not studying your own country’s history.

  6. Editor says:

    You can investigate what is known, or not. I can’t open your eyes if you don’t want to see.

    Domestic social policy is one thing that was going on. The takeover by the Military Industrial Complex and the launching of the Vietnam War was quite another, not to mention CIA operations expanding all over the world.

    You’ve offered nothing of substance, except that the assassinated president and his vice president had similar domestic agendas. For three posts you’ve repeated yourself.

  7. ray johns says:

    Editor RE: You are acting as though this wasn’t going on at all–> On Jan. 4, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson outlined his goals for a Great Society in his State of the Union.

  8. ray johns says:

    For three posts Editors you have repeated yourselves that the C.I.A. is the boogeyman doing all the bad things in the world. The C.I.A.’s power is far more limited than that as been proved by U S failures in Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, etc. etc. You’re missing my bigger point that while you’re obsessing over the New Rights own policy agenda trying to make American military interventionism safe for democratic consumption at home (a losing proposition with most Americans)–you have totally missed the New Right’s real motives in justifying its robbing America of its rich, historical liberal progressive heritage. You can read here LBJ’s Great Society speech—it is still obviously a worthy target for professed American idealism.

  9. Editor says:

    Is you last name Johnson, per chance?

    The video is about the assassination of JFK, not the domestic policies of his successor. Maybe you could try actually watching it.

  10. ray johns says:

    Don’t be an ass,Editor. I watched your video, now try watching my video and respecting my opinion too. Don’t be a Stalinist pig.

  11. Editor says:

    A “Stalinist Pig?”

    That’s the best laugh I’ve had in a while. You have a future in stand-up.

    I’m done here.

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