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The emperor maintains his unblemished record of lying 100% of the time.

Obama Climate Plan Touts Gas Fracking As “Transition Fuel,” Doubling Down on Methane Risk


There is a clear disconnect between the president’s stated commitment to a healthy future for children, and the vast expansion of natural gas drilling and fracking, which are scientifically proven to be polluting the air and drinking water of Americans.”

“That premise is false. When measured in its entire life cycle – as Cornell University researchers found – fracked gas is actually dirtier than coal  and therefore is a bridge to nowhere other than extreme climate disruption.”


First Study of Its Kind Detects 44 Hazardous Air Pollutants at Gas Drilling Sites

With gas wells in some states being drilled near schools and homes, scientists see a need for better chemical disclosure laws and follow-up research.



‘World War Z’ and Hollywood’s Zionist Embrace

By Jesse Benjamin

First published at Mondoweiss


I went to the Drive-In in Atlanta Friday night, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, a beautiful night under an almost full moon. We watched This is The End and Fast and Furious 6, and two of us stayed for the 2:00 am screening of World War Z.

I’m not a zombie fanatic, so other than watching the Walking Dead, I had few expectations beyond the trailers that have been on TV since the Super Bowl. So I was surprised, jarred out of the movie really, when right in the middle of the narrative, Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, travels to Israel and spends more than 10 minutes in a full-on pro-Israel propaganda piece that was as corny as it was crazy.

The Times of Israel may be only slightly exaggerating when it calls this “the greatest piece of cinematic propaganda for Israel since Otto Preminger’s “Exodus.”Not only is Israel’s fanatical Wall Building proven to be justified, against the hordes of undead invaders, and not only are Jewish victimizations paraded to justify the aggrandizement of Israeli military prowess, but it’s Israel’s supposed humanism, and multicultural inclusiveness, which in the end weakens the fragile post-apocalyptic state and allows the zombies to overrun everything. Its pretty heady stuff.

Spoiler Alert: 



I love the Irish.


Psychotic fascist police state goes off the deep end.   Any information that isn’t “authorized” is now a crime, and all violators inside the govnernnent will be dealt with as spies.

The Obama regime has declared war on the People of the United States, on the Press and on its own federal employees who inform the other two.

Expatriation is up, by the way.


Americans may be too stupid, collectively, to have freedom.  They don’t value it, they don’t understand it.  They  are headed for hard lessons in the ways of unaccountable abuse of power.

“What would you do if you knew that the government had tapped all of your phones, was watching everything that you do on the Internet and was keeping a copy of all of your emails? Well, the truth is that this is essentially exactly what is happening right now.”

Tempora: The Americans And The British Are Recording All Phone Calls And All Internet Activity

We’re Number One!




During the Fukushima onslaught of radiation, they abandoned America by scaling down their measurements and radiation detection programs.  Can’t have bad publicity over the nuclear industry poisoning the population, can we?

Now OBAMA’S fascist EPA is ignoring its own study of fracking and punting it back to the State of Wyoming to work out with the company.  The effects across the rest of the nation are of no concern.  Those poisoned in all the other locales will need to start from scratch and try and get the Reichs Ministers interested once again.  Good luck.

EPA Halts Study Linking Fracking with Water Pollution

“EPA officials said they will not finalize a 2011 draft study that found contaminants in the groundwater of Pavillion, Wyoming, were consistent with chemicals used in fracking.

They also said they will not ask outside experts to review the EPA’s research. Instead, the agency will turn the matter over to the state of Wyoming, which intends to work with Encana, the company that conducted the fracking, to resolve the problem.”


The infinitely watchable Juno Temple takes on what she does best: a messed up, too hot to handle obsessed teenager.  A Brit brat playing Yanks, Juno was seen recently in Killer Joe and Little Birds among quite a few others.

There is surprisingly little sex in this buddy road trip movie.  The reputation is enough, establishing Danielle (Juno) as a pariah on the edge of society. Danielle’s mom, a similarly gorgeous Milla Jovovich, whom I didn’t even recognize in her 80s blow-dried hairdo, has hooked up with Mormon head case William H. Macy.  The surrogate father figure is intent on converting Danielle over to his fairytales.  Danielle’s mom is spineless, and she allows the “tough love”(sic) routine.  Danielle’s bedroom is invaded, with her mind next on the platter.


The third element, Clarke, is also sentenced to the “retard class” at the tyrannical Texas high school, his crime being homosexuality.  The two misfits are stuck together on a class project, with hilarious repercussions that play throughout the rest of the film.  The story takes on discrimination levied at homosexuals and promiscuous girls, the double standards and the oppressive social climate, all of which seeks to dominate and force conformity.

It also does it with hilarious situations and an emotional payoff.  Dirty Girl elevates beyond high school by the end and earns its place on the esteemed Under the Radar list.



Dutch totalitarianism – free documentary.

It’s a global, persistent, pervasive, assault on the freedom of the populations of the world.  If they know your life, they control you.  It’s as simple as that.  Ask NSA whistleblower Russell Tice.

We are now living through the total, absolute collapse of democracy.