This small film is a mixed bag, with some countercultural observations of high school and cliques, a la Heathers, but also with a slight MOW tameness to it.  And it features Kristen Stewart, pre-Twilight.  The pace starts slow, with some, what I would call, missed opportunities in the screenwriting and editing.

Based on the novel of the same name, I must have misread a description because I thought it was completely different, and similar to a project that I’m currently working on.  It isn’t.

So, Kristen Stewart becomes the school pariah, cast out of everything and having to endure various types of abuse.  Withdrawn, she has nowhere to turn, as long as she refuses to speak about what happened to her.

The film explores what speaking out entails, and what failure to speak also entails.  Sometimes both choices are bad but failing to speak is worse, as the unintended consequences of failing to make your case can mount.

It’s a YA story that isn’t juvenile and doesn’t pander.


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