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For actual debate on the Syria catastrophe you might want to go to Australia instead.




Mia Wasikowska is so versatile, I didn’t recognize her again.  I didn’t pick her out in Lawless or Jane Eyre either.

Stoker is a twisted, somewhat demented tale of murder and psychosis, which I tend to like.  I just wrote a short film script like that the other day.  This film works as a slowly burning WTF type plot, but not for everybody.

Early in the film, after the twisted uncle arrives at her house to stay, Stoker is sent down to the basement for ice cream – where the housekeeper’s body lies in the freezer. She, an eighteen year old girl, sees this corpse and then does nothing whatsoever about it.  I was, I admit, taken right out of the movie at this point.  With granny on ice in the cellar, you can’t just continue your life with this psychopathic house guest, not even if you’re not right in the head yourself.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Moving beyond that gaffe, Stoker does reveal herself to be genetically predisposed to side with uncle strangler.  The mother is a neurotic wreck, and Stoker clearly despises her throughout the film.  The family is so odd, reacting nonchalantly to the death of the father and swiftly moving on into a Hamlet like mother/uncle arrangement.  But there’s something magnetic about such fucked up characters.  We can’t look away because their behaviors may be culturally questionable but entirely understandable.  This glaring discord between what most everyone would do and what these people do is nearly enough to carry this plot.  Nearly.



John Kerry says the most outrageously stupid thing since Bush’s “fool me once” shtick.



“Chemical weapons in Syria: Knockout to Jirga Brotherhood criminals P”

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Here’s your war criminals, Obama.  Not the Syrian Army by the way.  These assholes are probably on the payroll at some level, likely through their Saudi Arabian terrorist handlers.

So, now that we have evidence of who is committing these war crimes, is Obama going to admit to as much and say anything true whatsoever?  Don’t bet your life (or your honor) on it.


ALSO recall UN human rights inspector Carla del Ponte already blamed the opposition rebels for a nerve gas attack in May.  NOT the government.


A dozen Al Nusra Brigade terrorists, who are Syrian “opposition” fighters and also Al Qaeda light, were ARRESTED in Turkey in possession of Sarin nerve gas on their way to the Syrian border, also in May of this year,


Another report from Syria by Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak talks about Saudi funding and arms transfers, including these chemical weapons.  Report claims that improperly handled canisters blew up by some ignorant rebels, although the specifics are sketchy.

Mint Press:

“However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.”

“More than a dozen rebels interviewed reported that their salaries came from the Saudi government.”


Only the law can help you keep your private data secure, particularly that part about prosecuting “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

New Snowden Leak Reports ‘Groundbreaking’ NSA Crypto-Cracking

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


Separating investors from their dirty lucre…

7 Tips from Silicon Valley on Giving Confidence to Potential Investors


The Big Wedding (2013)

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While not very consequential, The Big Wedding with Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton and Robin Williams is pretty funny.  Some tacked-on content involves racist in-laws, but the story is about dysfunctional Connecticut families.

This is first-time director Justin Zackham’s adaptation of a European film.  That was his way in, and the funny characters attracted big name talent to the project.  It was good to see DeNiro in an unexpected role as a horn dog artist living in a snooty upper class milieu.  No spoilers, but don’t expect groundbreaking.


Few people will know that the September 11th attack was also code-named “The Big Wedding,” which is an important book on the topic…







And you’ve never heard of her.


Kickstarter Project



It’s a wacky business.