Ignorance or Idiocy — or Both?

Posted: November 11, 2013 in -
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This Just In…

Received this bit of scholarly criticism today:

Joe Sarcone commented on Did Lyndon Johnson Participate in the JFK Assassination?

Your full of it buddy! In fact democrats invented fraud in elections. Don’t give us that BS pal! Gore tried to steal the election but failed. Democrats flunked in 2000 and thank God. But your 0bongo stole the 2012 election clearly. Explain how dead democrats can still vote in elections, how democrat voters can vote 8 times in one election, how Romney got 0 votes in many precincts. Even Saddam Hussain never got 100% votes in Iraq’s rigged elections.

So cut the crapola dog pile evil terd dem. and get back into your pot smoking hole of your mommies basement and keep sucking on her teats mommas boy!

In addition to being completely irrelevant to the points and to the topic of the video, the genius thinks that I’m a Democrat, simply because I talked about a Democratic president for half a line.  This is an example of the types of comments I reject here, but are far too common out there in the wilds of the web.  People are without the slightest context or understanding of discussions.  They don’t actually care what the topic is or the specifics.  This party line circle jerk, inbred gibberish substitutes for what used to be “debate.”

Off to Iceland… some day… some day…

In the meantime, Dear Obama Supreme Leader, can you send the Obamacare Men in White off to help the above mental patient?  Bring him to a reprogramming facility where he can get the psychiatric assistance he so needs.  This is agent #314-54J878726.  Hail Hillary.


Actual evidence that Florida was stolen by Jeb Bush and friends:

Greg Palast, BBC:

What really happened in Florida?
The Great Florida Ex-Con Game

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