Under the Radar: Closet Land (1992)

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Joe Giambrone
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Some films still give me a chill when remembered: Caligula, of course, and others such as Salo, Patton, AlienCloset Land is like that, but it’s much simpler, confined, restricted.  There are two actors and two rooms.

Like a stage play, this is one of the few stage plays that works well as a film.  The actors, script and set design are critical.  It is a stylized representation of a torturer and his victim.  The case is not so atypical, and yet not particularly real in its particulars.  Closet Land occupies a space between fantasy and the real, a hyper real universe where the world is so constricted, the relationship so inflexible, it gets inside your head.

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