Show Canceled: Too Many Smart, Interesting Girl Characters

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This one gets its own post although I’m seeing a theme here with a lot of sexist complaints aimed at Hollyweird.

The article sort of boils my nards for a different reason altogether: marketing shit at kids.  This whole sexist appeal to boys is predicated on the logic that the boys buy more shit, which is potentially untrue, but why should these scum be marketing their garbage to kids in the first place?  It’s pathetic, the manufactured conformity, the pushing of plastic trinkets onto the youth giving them meaning in disposable Chinese extruded kitch.  Fuck.  What a waste of a culture.


  1. Kieran Kelly says:

    The social engineering aspect of “marketing” and “public relations” has always been about more than making money. Making women inferior is part of a divide and rule policy as well as a way of driving down wages in certain sectors. These execs are making decisions that are about much more than their advertisers’ bottom lines. This is a state propaganda operation in a neofeudal state. State power in this political system is mostly directly in corporate hands while corporations and super-rich owners also effectively run the government as well. This is (effectively) a pernicious totalitarian system that tells you who you are, what you think and how you feel. In some ways it is worse than a Stalinist system with denunciations and Gulags, especially in the US which locks up as many people as the USSR did anyway.

  2. Editor says:

    Well I don’t know if I agree with all that. No one is forced to watch the shows. They sell plenty of crap to girls on other shows, etc. The girls voluntarily tune in.

    I got rid of TV when my daughter was young as I didn’t want anything to do with consumerist culture programming her mind. The whole commercial-driven sector is a blight, and so we just never got cable.

    The neighbors however…

  3. Kieran Kelly says:

    I made the comment about the way these people view their role advisedly. You should read Edward Bernays’ short book “Propaganda” because he makes it very clear that the role of advertising includes social engineering. Chomsky might be full of excreta when it comes to 9-11, and JFK’s death, but he is right to term the system one of “thought control”.
    Your girl didn’t watch TV. But when she went to school did she never have to conform with peers who did watch TV? Mine does. Her friends have no defences against the messaging in television. Their parents have no defences either. You cannot reasonably expect an overworked population to acquire the critical skills to actually understand the subtexts and subliminal associations that populate advertising and feature material. If you want to argue that there is individual choice I would simply ask you to consider a room full of 100 randomly chosen people. How many do you really think are able to make an informed choice about their viewing? If there are two or three, they still have to live in a society shaped by the other 97 or 98. Personally I think that 2 or 3 would be too high a number because I am acquainted with the crap that they teach in the universities.

  4. Editor says:

    Well yes I agree with the state of advertising. It’s just: as opposed to what? It’s fine to decry the society as a system of thought control, but it is voluntary. No one forces anyone to think about things a certain way (as in N. Korea). If people mindlessly buy into what they’re selling on TV, what can really be done that isn’t worse with more detrimental consequences?

    There is a great variety of thoughts and opinions, and I don’t see any 97% consensus on anything. There is competition with ideas (yeah, I’ve read Bernays), and interests compete to sell their views, including you and I.

    Back to the original article, I don’t think the executives shoveling their show at boys were doing so with the intent of harming women. I believe they had marketing reports and guidance about selling shit, and they were mindlessly carrying out the sales plan in their pea brained fashion. It was probably a question of ignorance, or one of ratings demographic data suggesting the audience was primarily male — I don’t know the specifics. What it doesn’t appear to be is a sinister plan of Dr. Evil’s proportions. Girls have other programs more than willing to sell them plastic crap from China.


    Advertising is all about targeting and dividing the perceived audience into little segments. In this case, the pressure to “sell” to boys could be coming simply from the advertisers and the products they happened to be selling right now. The deals for advertising pressure the producers, and the producers are then pressured to please the advertisers. If they didn’t have a lot of contracts for female related advertising this would account for the stupid instructions to focus on boys. It sounds like an incompetent company rather than a preplanned agenda of “thought control.” If girls made up the audience, they could simply find other advertisers, which would work for them. Extrapolating an elaborate, malevolent system from this case would be irresponsible.

    There are plenty of other cases of producers expressing mysogynistic bias against women and exploiting women explicitly on screen.

    This turns out to be a dollar-motivated decision originating from a closed minded perception and simple greed. With advertisers that appealed to teenaged girls (a huge market, as pretty much the rest of the world understands) this situation would have not even occurred. Some genius, however, decided to sell the show to advertisers based on the alpha male myth. For whatever motivation, they sabotaged the show by selling it as something that it wasn’t.

    Whether this case tells us much about the larger issues is debatable.

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