This follow up to Battlestar Galactica continued the high tech philosophical exploration of man and machines coexisting and fighting about God.  Caprica addressed the rise of virtual worlds, virtual life and how humanity will approach its next evolutionary leap.  That made it a fascinating concept, and so it was a shame the show lasted only one season.  Abruptly canceled, like Firefly, the medium couldn’t support the material.

Still the show’s arc holds up across twenty episodes with new characters and situations that echo the Galactica world but also diverge significantly.  The strength of these shows and their creators is in creating big worlds full of varied cultures and beliefs.  The history and customs of these people differ enough from our own experience, yet retain a very earthy grounding such that any of these cultures could easily have existed here.


A cyber punk underground also exists, with a virtual world, V-World, a place where the youth escape to be bad.  The virtual environment intersects the real world in numerous and unexpected ways.  Definitely a must-see for Galactica fans and anyone who appreciates layered sci-fi.

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